Bijoux Indiscrets accessories are characterised by the way they blend fun with design. They seek to make eroticism part of every woman’s day-to-day, using the latest fashion trends. After all, “sexy is an attitude”.

(In)discreet design.

All of the brand’s designs are exclusive to Bijoux Indiscrets and designer and cofounder, Elsa Viegas, takes great care in creating each and every product. When she designs something for the brand, she does so with herself in mind – as a woman, a user and a critic. Nothing is off limits when it comes to inspiration and she talks about taking ideas from the fashion industry, films and literature.

“The possibilities are endless when you’re working in the field of pleasure”, she admits. Elsa’s designs experiment with the privacy of the bedroom and current fashion trends, and in this sense many Bijoux Indiscrets products serve a dual purpose: jewellery in public and passion accessories in private. The elegance and femininity emanated by the products are what make them so striking, and what tempt women to give in to eroticism.






Maze faithfully embodies the brand’s commitment to the environment and animal welfare. Bijoux Indiscrets has not used animal products in any part of the collection, and instead opts for innovative alternatives with similar characteristics, without compromising on style or quality. After all, there’s no reason why fashion and sensuality should hamper sustainability.

12 exclusive designs, 2 different colours: black and light brown. The materials used to produce the Maze collection are incredibly resistant. Its collars and leashes use VEGAN LEATHER, which is composed of polyurethane which is noted for its resistance to abrasion and wear. Providing effective fastening without the use of heavy metals, the clasps and rivets complete the collection’s bold look, which suits women of all personalities and shapes.




A collection of delicate body chains whose uses blend fashion and eroticism. Pair them with evening wear, lingerie or bare skin alone.
5 exclusive designs available in two colours: silver and gold.


Add a sensual and mysterious touch to oyour intimate enconunters with Bijoux Indiscrets Mask. Made of flexible but resistant vinyl, this mask are reusable with small dots of skin-friendly adhesive. The mask collection is strapless so it dosen’t affect the hair styles.


A collection of chains and metallic mesh, available in two colours: silver and gold. Turn the bracelets into handcuffs and increase desire by attaching them to your necklace. An exciting experience!