20 March, 2017

B.I. walks the runway!

Another year has passed and the runways have spoken, and like some kind of fortune-teller, we already know what and what not to wear in the coming Autumn/Winter 2017 season.

On 9 February, runway season launched in New York before coming to a close in Paris on 8 March and, for almost a month, the grand masters of fashion design showed us their proposals for Autumn/Winter 2017. Cities like New York, Berlin, Milan, Madrid and Paris captured every fashionista’s attention for an entire week.

So, what were their proposals? What’s set to be on trend?

Leather! But not just any leather: vegan leather! Fashion is becoming increasingly linked to sustainability and, thanks to designers like Stella McCartney, the sector is using more and more alternatives to animal-based products.

#BERLINFASHIONWEEK is the runway with the biggest focus on sustainability. There, you can find haute couture and urban cuts, as well as unique designs and full collections made from sustainable materials. That’s why our MAZE collection, which recently achieved vegan-approved status from animal rights organisation PETA, simply HAD to get involved.



MAZE by Bijoux Indiscrets took part in one of the most anticipated alternative events of Berlin Fashion Week. Alongside GALA magazine, Bijoux Indiscrets showcased its products at a “Brunch and Trends” event, preparing a very special suite for all those in attendance. Have you taken a look yet?

As you can see, Berlin was a great success! But with fashion now running through its veins, here at Bijoux Indiscrets we just couldn’t get enough and, thanks to Madrid designer Maya Hansen, we also enjoyed 20 minutes of fame in the Spanish capital.



Hansen’s models, who included the likes of presenter Pilar Rubio, took 70 precise steps on the runway of the former Cibeles Fashion Week, wearing Bijoux Indiscrets masks.

Kristine’s geometry (perfect for showing off your makeup!) and its strapless design, which prevents your hair from being ruined, were chosen by Hansen to complete her K├Ârsetstructure collection, in which she experiments with both architecture and fashion.

Bijoux Indiscrets has become a real coolhunter. And for that reason we refuse to miss out on alternative runways. After all, when the fashion season ends, the festival season begins. Coachella will mark the start next April and Bijoux Indiscrets is already working on its proposals. Remember: hazel, the colour of the desert, is one of the most in-demand tones this spring and MAZE has 12 exclusive pieces that are perfect for the occasion. Watch this space!


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