26 Jul '16

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Born for pleasure

By  La Pluma de Pandora

Slut. Whore. Slag. Tart. Loose woman.

Throughout history, women’s sexuality has not only been hidden away and controlled by society, but also extensively penalised. One small show of desire and … Continue Reading

13 Jul '16

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5 accessories to make sure you own the summer

Summer is here! So we’ve swapped our coats for mini-dresses, and our stay-at-home plans for the streets. You’ve already marked your favourite festival on the calendar, as well as several meals out with your friends, … Continue Reading

28 Jun '16

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The power of the pussy

By Venus O’Hara

Pussy. A powerful word to describe a powerful thing. If I’m honest, it’s not a word I tend to use in speech or in my writing. I find it vulgar. What’s more, if a … Continue Reading

14 Jun '16

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Men prefer unfaithful women and women like married men.

That’s the guarantee made by Victoria Milan, the hook-up site for married and attached men and women seeking an affair.

According to a new survey carried out on 6,214 extramarital hook-up site users, 8 in 10 … Continue Reading

31 May '16

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The thrilling dance of sex

Your mouths intertwine and you savour his taste as though it were an exquisite delicacy. You feel the softness of his lips. The wetness of his mouth that you can’t help but surrender to. Your eyes … Continue Reading

26 May '16

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A brand with soul.

First of all, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Elsa Viegas and I’m a designer. Curious by nature, I’m also a tad restless, observant, a little on the geeky side, proud mother to an English bullterrier … Continue Reading

17 May '16

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If only being brave came at less of a cost

Esther is 17 and is starting university in September. The only thing she wants is to be herself. She is scared about bullying, cyber bulling, unfounded insults and that people might overlook who she is as a person and just … Continue Reading

03 May '16

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Knowing what you like is what’s important

Last April we brought “Ficción Vs Realidad en el sexo” (“Fiction vs. Reality in sex“) to light. The first sex study to be conducted in Spain, it reveals the taboos and prejudices that condition our sexual behaviour, such … Continue Reading

20 Apr '16

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5 fun things to enjoy in April!

How much are you going to wait for the love that’s in the air? I don’t doubt for a minute that you’ve made good use of the hibernation period and that you’ve found warmth between your sheets every night, but … Continue Reading

17 Mar '16

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The aphrodisiac power of Spring

With the arrival of spring instincts kick in, we wear less clothing, smiles get wider, the temperature begins to rise… It seems to be the season when we recover our energy. The sun reappears after … Continue Reading