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How to practise BDSM for the first time

without getting upset.

BDSM* is in vogue and recent erotic novels and films have achieved the unthinkable, making a practice that was once seen as a weird fetish the norm. And sure, they had to release a blockbuster and sell … Continue Reading

20 Apr '16

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5 fun things to enjoy in April!

How much are you going to wait for the love that’s in the air? I don’t doubt for a minute that you’ve made good use of the hibernation period and that you’ve found warmth between your sheets every night, but … Continue Reading

10 Feb '16

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K.K is all about seduction

Kim Kardashian’s wish list for Valentine’s Day has arrived in the best Sex and the City style and… WOW! For next Valentine’s Day the model and businesswoman has chosen to spend an unforgettable night with hubby Kanye West, … Continue Reading

Yes, we are talking about AIDS. Aren’t we forgetting something very important?

I remember when my parents and grandparents talked about the new generations. I remember how they turned their eyes upwards and said “the world is lost”. They were stricken at how we dressed, at how we brushed … Continue Reading

7 deadly sins, 7 different plans. Do you dare?

Rules are made to be broken, that’s something we all know. And even more if those rules stop us from doing some of the best things in life.

“Vices can be classified according to the virtues they … Continue Reading

5 things guys need to know about her pleasure

by Twenty One, the vibrating diamond.

1. Only 62% of women in relationships are “very satisfied” with the frequency of orgasm. *

Contrasting to men, whom almost always orgasm during sex.

Isn’t that a sad … Continue Reading

Fantasy or reality? What do men think about threesomes

If you ask a guy ‘’What’s better than one woman?’’, he’ll probably say ‘‘Two!’’

According to The Kinsey Institute, one of the most recurrent sexual fantasies amongst men is having … Continue Reading

Are threesomes back in fashion? 7 women share their experiences

Is the most common fantasy amongst men starting to look appealing to women? Are threesomes back? Were they ever gone?

It isn’t uncommon to find group sex in erotic literature as a resource to attract readers … Continue Reading

Saving the Planet Bijoux Indiscrets Style

Save Water: It’s the perfect day for a couples shower.

There’s nothing better than doing something you love and know you’re helping the Planet at the same time. Remember, you don’t need the water running the whole time; get soaked, … Continue Reading

13 Apr '15


What happens when I masturbate: Myths about female masturbation

This is the reality: Women Masturbate. Many feel uncomfortable admitting they do it because society is reluctant to accept that we can get pleasure all by ourselves. That’s why it is still considered somewhat of a taboo subject. … Continue Reading