3 March, 2017

International Women’s Day Countdown: BARBARA KRUGER

Barbara Kruger is the sixth exceptional woman to be featured on our International Women’s Day countdown. As this year’s theme is #BeBoldForChange, we wanted to highlight a few of our favourite women who were not only bold for change, but achieved it.

Barbara Kruger


Barbara Kruger is an American artist who combines her graphic design training with an interest in photography and poetry, in order to awaken a sleeping, passive society and effect social change.

Kruger has always been aware of the significance of mass media and its impact on the public. Throughout the 70’s, the image of the idealised submissive woman was still being perpetuated, and Kruger heavily challenged this in her work. Through her unique style involving clear, striking, provocative but often simple text, the artist makes clear that her work is not just a collection of images: it is a social movement.

Barbara Kruger’s work agitates conventional beliefs and sexist social norms imposed by a society which wants to keep women as passive beings. Her work has succeeded in awakening thousands of women to join her the feminist revolution.

Click HERE to view more of Kruger’s work.

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