12 stocking stuffers under $40

Looking for a detail for that special someone in your life? Or are you looking for affordable options to give to your closest group of friends? We have a selection of some of the best pleasurable stocking stuffers, whether it is the astrology geek or the hedonist type, or that friend who is too ashamed to try something different, this list below has it all.

Indulge yourself too, because when you buy 2 of the same product you will save on shipping and reduce your carbon footprint. A real win-win!

1. A pleasure kit inspired by the zodiac signs

It is time to reconnect with our sexual energy and know what makes us feel good, what turns us on! We are born for pleasure and we should not be ashamed of it! Horoscope is a pleasure ritual kit designed to reconnect you with your sexual energy through pleasure.聽3 easy, pleasurable, steps in a stunning triangular box:

  • A necklace聽encasing your very own zodiac gemstone.
  • An orgasmic warming-effect clitoral balm
  • A playful finger vibrator.

2. Orgasm Glow

We don鈥檛 believe in miracles but we do believe in ancient knowledge! We turned to the best food supplements聽experts and herbal blends to develop the perfect formula:聽a blend of natural ingredients and herb extracts to take your libido for a joy ride.

We tend to blame stress and routine for our lack of libido but sometimes our diets ask for extra vitamin and mineral support.聽

3. Better than your Ex finger vibrator

This vibrating finger bullet is perfect for precise clitoral stimulation and better than a finger. Place it on your chosen finger to show your clit a good time. The bullet's angle and position will allow you to make all those masterful movements that take you to climax: zig-zags, up and down, round and round... Slide the ring onto your finger and press the button on the base to turn it on.聽

4. Anal Play gel

This gel is water-based, so even taboos slide away! Whether you鈥檙e an expert or beginner, it is super important to hydrate the area before any anal play. This gel contains arnica, chamomile and aloe vera which increase hydration and anal elasticity, reducing friction during penetration. Plus, it tastes and smells amazing...mmmm coconut!

5. Tassel choker

This is the聽pi猫ce de r茅sistance of all Maze collection. This choker hides so many secrets that it is a 3 in 1 accessory. The tassel choker is a beautiful necklace. Its fringes can turn into a leash and you can let yourself be guided by your lover. You can use it to punish with pleasure as it becomes a delicate whip. This fashion accessory brings bondage inspiration to your bedroom fun.

6. Organic Lubricant. Oil based

You鈥檒l feel me on the way in and out, and in and out, and in and out鈥

I make sex much more exciting! And I鈥檓 really smooth, so watch out. I鈥檓 all about touch, movement and imagination. Ecological from top to bottom, I鈥檓 an organic two-in-one, thanks to my components: shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and jojoba oil. I give you the pleasure you seek, either as a massage oil or as a lubricant. Plus, my pomegranate aroma is just delicious. Our aromas are always subtle.

7. SWIPE REMEDY 路 Oral Sex Mints

Swiping left and right with your thumbs is all very well, but it would be聽so much better if you did it with your tongue! Put your mobile down and dive into oral sex like you鈥檝e never done before. Turn your tongue into the definitive tool to SWIPE UP for pleasure with the best and most intense cunnilingus ever in your STORY.

SWIPE REMEDY are sugar-free mints specially formulated for oral sex, full of flavour and temperature contrasts. The menthol gives your saliva a cooling feel creating an exciting contrast with the heat of the vulva. Take oral sex to the next level.

8. Nipple Play Gel

Did you know that nipples are one of the most sensitive areas of the body? Turn that sensitivity into pleasure, stimulating the nipples with the metallic applicator of this cooling-effect gel. Enjoy sex nipple play! A contrast of temperatures that will take you to climax and... don鈥檛 stop there! Kiss the gel and transfer its cooling effect to other erogenous zones. Pssstttt, the cooling effect intensifies in the genital area.

9. Mask

Are you looking for the perfect eye mask? Look no further! When the sun goes down and your other self is revealed, Anna vinyl mask is the perfect ally. Strapless, and flexible, this vinyl mask will add that extra glam to your makeup or, who knows, the final touch to that gorgeous lingerie set ready for action!

10. Shhh blinfold

It is proven that when your eyes are covered your other senses are heightened. Shhh blindfold is the perfect ally for a sensual massage. No need to be a pro in the art of massage, touch lightly or press firmly on feet, back, arms and butt cheeks.

Shhh is much more than just a blindfold, it鈥檚 an invitation to irresistible suspense and fantasy. On the double sided satin, there are different messages: Ohhh to unleash your most ardent fantasies and Shhh for your more secret ones.

12. Instruments of Pleasure 路 Purple

Deep in the shadows, lives pure seduction. Do you dare? Inspired by Fifty Shades we bring you all the tools you will need to explore the limits of pleasure.聽

Elements of extreme sensuality with which to carry out some of the most intense and orgasmic games.

11. D茅sir M茅tallique 路 Metallic Mesh

Unleash your imagination and surrender to pleasure! Easy task with this adjustable metallic choker. Its cool metal chains that drapes the torso and around your waist highlight your curves. An easy-to-wear collar for any occasion and a suggestive bedroom accessory for soft bondage games. Do you dare?

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