April 18 is Anal Sex Day: Here’s How to Have Fun, Pleasurable & Safe Anal Sex

Did you know? April 18 is Anal Sex Day! And what better way to pay homage to this fun day than to dedicate an entire blog to everything ‘anal sex’? 

There’s an immeasurable amount of pleasure that can be experienced during anal play, and for us, if it’s safe, sane, and consensual, we’re all about it!

Frist, a little history: who invented Anal Sex Day? Anal Sex Day was brough to light by Australian comedian, Jim Jefferies. He’s done a number of hilarious TV shows as well as comedy specials, and in one particular one called ‘Bare’ he takes the stage and addresses a slew of things that are considered ‘controversial’. 

Some topics include family values and pay equality (which aren’t actually comedic if you think about it), yet somehow he managed to bring awareness to these serious topics in a lighthearted way.

In this one-hour special, he too talks about anal sex. And voila! Anal Sex Day was founded. So, if you’re a lover of anal sex (or simply intrigued to try it), let’s celebrate this fun and comedic day by talking about different positions for great anal sex, staying safe during the act, and intimate wellness products that’ll optimise your adventures.

How to Have Fun, Pleasurable & Safe Anal Sex

First off, we know that anal sex and anal play isn’t for everyone. And we most certainly wouldn’t want anyone to feel pressured or coerced into having it. If you are curious about it however, let’s dive right in.

What is Anal Sex?

Anal sex is penetration of the anus. It’s not as ‘black and white’ as you may imagine though, as it isn’t just p-in-a penetration. It also includes using fingers, sex toys, or even a tongue. If there’s anal penetration in one form or another involved, it’s anal sex!

And even though anal sex is still kind of a taboo, it’s become increasingly popular over the years. This is good news, as we’re continuously learning new ways to experience pleasure and to explore our bodies.

Is Anal Sex Safe?

Anal sex is safe… when you have safe anal sex! (i.e. you use condoms, or you and your partner have been tested for any STIs beforehand.) There are however two things that all anal sex enthusiasts need to watch out for if condoms aren’t used.

For one, the anus is a very sensitive part of the body, and the skin is delicate. If rough anal sex is experienced, it could increase the risk of skin tears, which then provide more opportunities to transmit STIs.

And secondly, if you’re having both anal and vaginal sex in one session without a condom, or you’re not changing the condom as you change the type of penetration, you risk spreading bacteria from one orifce to another. For example, bacteria in the anus is different from that in the vagina, and when you introduce new bacteria into the vagina, it could cause infections such as urinary tract infections (UTIs). UTIs are easily curable, but they’re no fun.

On the other hand, there are ways that you can easily prepare for fun, pleasurable, and safe anal sex…

3 Things to Consider When Having Anal Sex

1. The Anus Doesn’t Produce Natural Lubrication

Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t produce natural lubrication. The good news is, there are a variety of anal lubricants available to give you that effortless glide. More good news is that lubrication reduces the risk of skin tears which reduces the risk of infection. 

If you’re using an anal sex toy, be sure to check which kind of lubrication pairs with it (water-based, oil-based, silicone-based etc.), because some sex toy materials can break down when the wrong lube is used.

2. Comfort is Key

The anal sphincter has the ability to relax and contract, and when you have anal sex, you definitely want it to be relaxed. This of course can’t happen as easily as snapping your fingers. You’ll have to get yourself in the mood for receiving anal sex.

A great way to do this is to engage in foreplay which can prepare the body and the mind for pleasure. Other excellent ideas include experimenting with butt plugs of varying sizes, which can prepare you for anal sex bliss and/or taking a bath beforehand to relax tense muscles.

3. Does Anal Sex Hurt?

The vagina has much more elasticity than the anus, but that doesn’t mean that anal sex has to hurt. If you take it slow, use a lot of lubricant, and feel relaxed beforehand, it’ll make the experience much more pleasant. And, just like first-time vaginal penetration, first-time anal penetration can have some discomfort, but remember to always take your time and to stop if you feel any pain. 

Another thing to note is that anal sex becomes much more euphoric after experience. Listen to your body, use small anal toys during solo play to get more acquainted with your body, and you’ll surely reap all the wonderful benefits and orgasms that can arise during anal stimulation.

Why is Anal Sex So Pleasurable?

Anal sex can be pleasurable for all bodies! For vulva owners, it indirectly stimulates the A-spot (anterior fornix located about five to six inches inside of the vagina). The A-spot is sometimes referred to as the “female prostate” because it can be found in the same location as the prostate. It also has the ability to shower you with intense orgasms and incredible satisfaction.

In penis owners, anal stimulation directly stimulates the prostate, which is a walnut-sized gland found just below the bladder and in front of the rectum. When a prostate orgasm occurs, it’s different to that of a penile orgasm. A prostate orgasm often leads to a full-body orgasm unlike any other, making it an extremely pleasure-worthy erogenous zone.

Anal Sex for Beginners: 5 Incredible Anal Sex Positions

1. Anal Sex Doggy Style

Just like you know doggy style to be (the partner receiving penetration will be on all fours and the one penetrating will be behind them), anal sex doggy style is the same. But, this is a great position for beginners, as it gives the one being penetrated a lot of control over how fast and deep penetration occurs. Hint for vulva owners? The deeper your partner goes, the more likely they’ll be able to hit your A-spot, increasing the chances of experiencing an anal orgasm.

2. Cowgirl Anal Sex

For the partner receiving penetration, the cowgirl position is when you sit on top of your partner in a straddling position but instead of facing them, you’ll have your back to them. This is another great anal sex position for beginners because it puts the one being penetrated in control of the depth, rhythm, and speed. It’s also fun because you could add a vibrator into the mix to stimulate other parts of the body such as the perineum, nipples, or clitoris.

3. Side-by-Side Anal Sex

Trying anal sex for the first time? When you lay down on your side, it actually helps the muscles of the anus relax, allowing for an even more blissful experience. Side-by-side anal sex is just like spooning except it involves penetration. Allow the giver of penetration to slowly slide in, and if you’re loving the fun, you can use your butt to back up for deeper and faster anal stimulation. This is yet another good position if you want to add in a sex toy for extra stimulation.

4. Lapdance Anal Sex

The lapdance position gives the one receiving penetration a lot of control. It involves them sitting down on their partner’s lap, facing away from them (like a lapdance), and then moving at their own pace to control the depth and speed, moving their body up and down to find their best comfort. Again, this anal sex position is fantastic for some extra stimulation, so grab your hand or your favourite toy and enjoy multiple sources of pleasure.

5. Back it Up Anal Sex

If the giver of anal sex prefers to stand, then the back it up anal sex position is a goodie. Not just that, but it’s perfect for beginners as it allows for shallow penetration. To try it, have the receiver of penetration lay down on their side across the edge of the bed, and the giver will stand against the bed, leaning into you. If this position seems difficult, a sex pillow or wedge could be that missing piece to make it sheer magic.

3 Intimate Wellness Products for Even Better Anal Sex

And now, as we draw a close, let’s take a peek at some anal intimate wellness products that’ll help you enjoy even better bouts of play.

1. Anal Play Gel

As we mentioned, lubrication is absolutely necessary during anal sex and stimulation. Anal Play Gel is a water-based anal gel that’s so slippery, all taboos simply slide away. And as you enjoy the wet and pleasurable experience, you’ll be hydrating the area as well, as this gel contains arnica, chamomile, and aloe vera—increasing hydration and elasticity.

Aloe Vera Water-Based Lubricant

A personal lubricant that’s vegan, fragrance-free, pH optimised, and water-based. This lubricant contains the one and only kind of aloe vera that has the power to heal—Aloe Vera Barbadenis. It has antibacterial properties, reduces friction, and calms the skin for your very best anal sex experience.

NUO Vibrating Butt Plug

While the NUO Vibrating Butt Plug is entirely sensuous and pleasure-inducing, we wouldn’t recommend it to beginners as it’s a bit intense for newbies. Regular players however can revel in magic, as it contains two motors, has remote control capabilities via an app, and comes with five speeds and seven vibrational patterns. It offers internal and external stimulation, is waterproof, and perfect for solos and partners.

And so, friends, ready to experience a new kind of adventure? Ready to feel new sensations and new kinds of orgasms? Let’s celebrate Anal Sex Day this April 18th!


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