Reignite Your Passion with These 27 New Things to Try in Bed

Whether you’ve got a mind blowing sex life, or you’re looking to add a bit of spice into your trysts, it’s always fun to find new things to try in bed! 

Luckily, the list of different sex things to try is seemingly endless, and you’ll be amazed at how you can turn your regular routine into something even more phenomenal! 

From small sexual wellness products and creative activities that’ll enhance your arousal, to new sexy events and adventures, you’ll surely find fun things for couples to do in bed in our comprehensive list. 

Ready for a daring and exciting ride? Give one or more of these 27 fun things to try in bed a whirl, see how you like or love it!

Different Things to Do During Sex: Sexual Wellness Products 

1. Lube

It may sound like a simple trick, but quite honestly, a dab of lube can be one of the smaller new things to try in bed with your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or friends with benefits that’ll make your session sleek, even more pleasurable, and super enjoyable. 

Why not consider fooling around with temperature play by using a cooling or warming lube? Or you could opt for flavoured lube or a tasty citrus flavoured spray to turn oral sex into something even more sensual and delicious?

2. Massage Oils

Giving or receiving a sensual yet erotic massage is the perfect way to get things heated up before a session of lovemaking. Take the time to connect with your partner, sharing sexual energy, and allowing the blood to flow in all the right places. 

By adding these new things to try in the bedroom, you’re paving the way for a tantalising and passionate affair.

3. Body Paint

Awaken the sexual artist in you with a sensual body paint. You can write cheeky or naughty things on your partner, or simply caress their skin in an erotic fashion, only to lick it all up afterwards. 

Sounds like a sweet deal for both involved, right?

Different Things to Do During Sex: Erotic Items

4. Erotic Novels

Reading in general has the ability to evoke a new kind of fantasy and creativity. Now imagine indulging in an erotic novel that really gets you feeling turned on, then getting hot and sweaty with your partner? Bliss! 

You could even choose to read said-novel to your partner to get both of you feeling rather sexy.

5. Sexy Lingerie

Wearing something sexy isn’t solely for your partner’s pleasure! When you decide to dress up and feel sexy in your favourite lingerie, you’ll notice a boost in confidence! And we all know that confidence is the sexiest! 

Find something slinky that makes you feel like a million bucks, like a pair of pasties, a lacy new bra, a see-through shirt, a new teddy, waist chain jewelry, or even handcuffs lined with pearls.

6. Sex Toys

Welcome to the euphoric world of sex toys! If you’re looking for things to try during sex, we highly recommend bringing in a pleasure product or two! Find a toy that you both fancy, and start experimenting. 

You could go for a couples toy, like the Mio Vibrating Cock Ring, that’s worn during penetration for both his and her pleasure, or consider a solo sex toy that you can use while your partner watches! The Twenty One Vibrating Diamond is pure luxury!

Different Things to Do During Sex: Sensual Activities

7. Phone Sex

Phone sex is a magical way to keep the spark alive, and to talk about your fantasies and desires in a non-intimidating way. It’s also a great form of foreplay for couples near and far. 

Indulge in your sexiness via a phone call, video chat, sext, or even saucy imagery and videos.

8. Watch Porn

If porn is your thing, and your partner is keen to get in on the action, why not chat about something you’re both intrigued and turned on by, and watch a porn film together? 

It doesn’t need to be hardcore! In fact, there are tons of ethical porn, softcore erotica, and feminist porn out there that’s sensual yet entirely arousing.

9. Role Play

Take on a whole new persona while tapping into your creative and sensual side. Roleplaying may seem a little intimidating, but actually, it’s about imbibing a character that entices you and watching it unfold sensually. 

At the end of the day, it’s not you talking and doing these sexual things… it’s your character!

10. Racy Photos or Videos

Sexts are super popular today, and sending a suggestive photo or video to the one you’re with can be one of the most titilating new sex things to try. 

Just remember to stick to what you’re comfortable with, and use precaution with whom you’re sending your pictures and videos too! 

11. Re-Create Your Favourite Sex Scene

Did you know that The Notebook is the biggest fantasy scene from a film that couples want to reenact? You know which part, the scene with Noah and Allie in the rain? 

So why not choose your favourite sex scene from a film, tv show, or book, and recreate it!

12. Adrenaline-Inducing Activities

Fun fact! Engaging in activities that increase your level of dopamine will ‘trick’ your brain into giving you those butterflies you once had during the honeymoon phase! 

You could choose to ride a scary roller coaster or go to an escape room together to ‘up’ your happy feelings, and create a stronger and more intimate bond.

Different Things to Do During Sex: Light BDSM

13. Temperature Play

Temperature play is a BDSM practice that involves cold or hot sensations on the skin to stimulate one’s neuroreceptors. 

So when you’re thinking about new things to do in bed, why not bring out the ice cubes, a glass sex toy, candle wax, or warm chocolate syrup for a new kind of stimulation?

14. Handcuffs

Handcuffs are a ton of cheeky fun, and can really give one a feeling of intense lust. 

Make sure that you trust your partner 100 percent beforehand however, as this will make or break the experience. 

15. Blindfolds

Using a blindfold is one of the most fun things to try in bed, as it restricts one of the five senses, allowing one to really tap into the others. 

Blindfold fun is also a great idea for those who feel self-conscious around their partner, and an exciting way to keep levels of anticipation and adventure high.

16. Play with Power

The BDSM lifestyle is often enjoyed with a kind of power exchange between two or more partners. For example, one partner is more dominant while the other is more submissive. 

This is not to say you need to take these roles very seriously, but perhaps giving this kind of play a go could be a great way to spice things up, as it’s one of the most powerful and erotic things to try during sex.

Different Things to Do During Sex: New Adventures

17. Make a Sex Bucket List

So easy yet possibly the best way to find fun things to try in bed, creating a sex bucket list allows you to tap into your ultimate fantasies. It’s the perfect way to encourage you and your partner to try new things, and to keep the spark burning bright.

18. Have Sex in a New Place

If the bedroom has always been your chosen place to get down, you could shake things up by having sex in a new place. 

Hotel sex can be super raunchy! Throw in a bottle of champagne, some strawberries, and matching robes, and you’ll know the true meaning of the expression: change is as good as a holiday.

19. ASMR Sex

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and can cause one to feel a kind of tingling sensation in the body. 

ASMR sex is when you use specific visual and auditory triggers which can then result in increased arousal. There are even ASMR erotica on streaming platforms like Spotify, so it’s fairly mainstream these days.

20. Invite Someone to Join in

Intrigued about what it might be like to have a threesome? Foursome? Moresome? Or maybe you’ve let your mind wander to a place where you or your partner has engaged in sexual activity with another person, and being watched/watching. 

These are all fun things for couples to do in bed, and with lots of trust and ground rules set in place beforehand, can create an extremely erotic experience for all.

Different Things to Do During Sex: New Sex Acts

21. Anal Sex

It’s not for everyone! But if you’re curious, or have kind of enjoyed it in the past, doing it again can’t hurt (well, it can if you go too fast and you don’t use lube!). 

That aside, experiencing new sexual sensations is a great way to ignite your passion.

22. Prostate Massage

The prostate gland can be found between the bladder and the penis. And do you know what happens when this walnut-sized gland is stimulated? Heavenly bliss! 

Take your time to figure out what feels good for both of you, and start off slow using lots of lube, making sure your fingernails are trimmed, and your hands washed. 

Use your index finger to get started, work your way up toward the prostate. Then, when you’ve found a rounded lump around four inches in size, gently massage it in circular motions or back and forth, using the pad of your finger.   

Or, if you fancy investing in a prostate massager sex toy, that’ll probably be a little easier for both parties. 

23. Mutual Masturbation

If you’re searching for new things to try in bed but don’t want to go too extreme, we love the act of mutual masturbation. This is when both partners either play with themselves, simultaneously, or they play with each other, simultaneously. 

Mutual masturbation is great for long distance couples to do over video chat, and when it’s done in-person, can create even more arousal. 

Adore each other, taking note of the things that you’re both doing to achieve maximum self-pleasure.

Different Things to Do During Sex: Erotic Events

24. Burlesque

A super fun way to get those juices flowing would be to either go to a burlesque show, or even take part in a burlesque class! 

This kind of experience can be a lighthearted yet sensual way to spend some time with your partner, and may create some new-found feelings of desire.

25. Swingers Club

Indulge in a night at a swingers club, and marvel upon gorgeous individuals who are open-minded and curious to transcend their sexual experiences.

Allowing yourself to explore new facets in your intimate life will help you to discover new forms of intimacy, and is definitely a way to increase those feelings of lust. 

And do not worry, there is absolutely no obligation to do anything you’re uncomfortable with!

26. BDSM Club/Munch

Try a different kind of club scene or environment by visiting a fetish or BDSM club. 

The people in the BDSM lifestyle are generally very open-minded yet patient and respectful. You could merely visit just to gander and get a feel for it, or you could engage in something saucy with your partner.

Another idea would be to go to a Munch, which is a popular event organised on the BDSM platform, FetLife. This is where like-minded kinksters and BDSM-enthusiasts meet for coffee, drinks, or a meal, and make new friends.

27. Sex Classes

Wet your palate with a new and exciting way to enjoy your desires and fantasies. Our sexuality is so multi-faceted that there are dozens of different classes or seminars you could attend. 

For example, you could learn the art of tantric massage. Or, you could go to a sex toy party to meet new people and learn more about various pleasure-inducing toys!

With these 27 new things to try in the bedroom, you’ll never run out of inspiration! And now is the perfect time to try something different, to spice things up, and enjoy even more sexual satisfaction than ever before!



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