Your Sexual Forecast according to your Zodiac Sign

Written by Natalia Benson 
Natalia Benson

Natalia Benson is a Modern Mystic, Astrologer & Women’s Empowerment Coach living in Los Angeles.  She encourages women to honor their Natal Charts, Menstrual Cycles and cyclical natures while keeping it light, relatable & inspiring. 


We've left behind a year full of learning and are diving head first into the new year, a year that invites you to do whatever it takes to evolve in every aspect of your life.

Far removed from a mentality focused on other people's desires, this year will provide an occasion to propose a new approach to the world, where wellbeing serves as the main driving force of life. Pleasure will also come into play this year, as a driver of positive energy that will free your mind from any burdens that don't belong to you.



You and pleasure have shared a path, but not a journey. That's over now. Your past has brought you this far to teach you a great lesson: to love yourself. Yes, love yourself above everything and everyone, and once you master self-love, you'll be able to share it with others.



Stubbornness works well in some situations, Taurus, but when it comes to your future, you've not really stuck at it. That's set to change in the new year. If the past has been good for one thing, it's proved what you didn't want in life. It's time to go all out; stop being afraid of "catching feelings". Listen to your body – if it tells you it wants more, don't deny it.



Although there sometimes seems to be two of you, last year you really focused your dual energy until it became one. Today you enjoy your two halves to the full. You have reconnected with yourself, your body and your pleasure. This year is going to go smoothly for you, Gemini. Your energy is set to rise and you'll be one of the luckiest signs in this new year without a shadow of a doubt.



You find the change of year a little tough and it's hard for you to see life in stages. But this year you'll notice a real change, consciously-speaking, meaning you'll never look back again. Sex won't be as intense as in previous years, but that's because you're rediscovering yourself, which takes time.



To talk about sexual energy is to talk about you, Leo, although your reputation as a femme fatale is taking its toll. You don't feel much like roaring this year, you want to be caressed, and the lioness inside you is going to behave more like a kitten in the first few months of this new year. Say yes, Leo! You don't always have to be the one to dominate the situation.



You learned a lot about yourself last year, but before you put it into practice you have problems to solve. The best advice anyone could give would be to focus on yourself, both physically and emotionally. The new year will be slow but steady. When past issues resurface, you'll know what to do.


Given your nature, Libra, this year will bring you all the good a year centred on seeking stability could bring. In terms of emotional balance, you're sorted, so 2019 will flow as smooth as silk. To add a bit of excitement, you'll need to take a few risks in the bedroom. Are you up for the challenge?


You're leaving behind a disastrous year and starting to rid yourself of anything that hurt you. You're definitely one for getting caught up in things that do you harm, Scorpio, but last year has left its mark to ensure you kick-start the new the right way. A true spiritual revolution is rousing inside of you and, as a result, you're going to discover pleasure like never before. Give yourself time.


This new year is your big chance, Sagittarius. You're going to be able to showcase all the good in you, 'cause this year will provide the perfect scenarios to reveal your full potential…which is by no means limited. Your unbridled passion has eased and will be channelled towards the right moments and unforgettable encounters.


Your effort is starting to pay off, Capricorn, but it's not enough. Dreams change and evolve. Your priorities are different now and you'll have to focus on yourself in order to manage what's what. You've always known how to take care of yourself, so keep doing it. Don't throw the towel in now. And don't think you don't deserve it – your dreams have changed, but you haven't.


Good riddance. It was NOT a pleasure. Am I right? But don't fret, you know full well that this year is a new chapter and that, right now, it's going pretty well! You've got great plans, great projects and, above all, great people by your side. You're back in the saddle stronger and with a higher libido than ever.


"Evolve" is without a doubt your word of the year. You've learned a lot over the past few, but your positive nature has meant you've left stepping out of your comfort zone 'til last. But not's the new year and your time is up! This year you're going to give in to wellbeing and pleasure and, in doing so, everything will make sense.



Video by Natalia Benson