5 keys to sustainable pleasure: Responsible,  conscious and orgasmic consumption

There is only one thing that produces more pleasure as a conscious purchase, and that is  buying some sexual wellness product in a responsible way.Don't know how? We'll show  you.

As a consumer, you are guaranteed rights that protect your safety, health and economic  interests. Every legally traded product does not interfere negatively with these rights. This  includes every sector, including the erotic sector. 

But among all the regulated products you can choose from, there are some that undoubtedly  far exceed the minimum requirements to be considered suitable. That added to small habits  that you can implement in your purchase, you win, the planet and the brands that are  adapting to a new consumption model. 

  1. Choose quality products 

Cheap is expensive. Choosing quality products is of utmost importance, especially when  your choice is related to your health. In the erotic sector, taking into account quality products  is essential, since, in most cases, they are associated with practices where sensitive parts of the body are exposed. Of course, in erotica there are all kinds of products for all the  practices you want and it is preferable to invest in specific products for these practices than  to acquire a "valeparatodo". Avoid unnecessary risks, buy quality. 

  1. Brands that look after you 

The offer is immense, so how do we choose among so many brands for our erotic and  sexual wellness products? Brands are a reflection of their products and their performance  with them. In the end, the important thing in choosing a brand is what kind of products they  bring to the market and how they interact with their customers or potential customers. In the  erotic sector, it is crucial to choose brands that are committed to research and innovation to  improve the quality of their toys -of course, with CE marking*- and their lubricants; that  destigmatize sexuality to live it with health and fullness; that advocate a bidirectional and  honest communication, with clear contact details; and that are willing to learn and question  themselves to build a better reality for everyone. 

*The CE marking is a symbol that declares that the product placed on the market or to be placed on the market  has passed an evaluation procedure and meets the essential manufacturing, design, safety and health  requirements of the European safety regulations. 

  1. Responsible production 

Another issue to consider is whether the products you consume are produced in an  environmentally and animal-friendly way. Consuming erotic and sexual wellness products  that are vegan and free of animal abuse is important to support the 

transition to a purely ethical and responsible erotic industry in a kinder way. 

  1. Sustainable packaging 

If possible, recycled and, if not, at least recyclable. Cardboard, aluminum and glass are  perfect packaging for the erotic industry. Once consumed, you can recycle it. In the case of  glass, moreover, with a little ingenuity you can give it a new use. 

QR codes to add information and replace brochures are also a good alternative and are  typical of sustainable packaging. In the digital age, who needs to print paper? When paper  consumption can be avoided, not doing so is not justified. Switching from plastic for sealing  to paper stickers is also another step to consider. 

  1. Conscious consumption 

Get what you really need. There are hundreds of accessories, gels, lubricants, enhancers  and other pleasure tools on the market, and you'd certainly have fun with every one of them,  but the important thing is to listen to your needs and approach your purchases as an  investment in pleasure. Buy what you need, buy specifically, value the quality and the impact  it has: choose well.

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