Sex Au Naturel

The Sex Au Naturel product line was made for those who want the very best in the bedroom, and in life!

We’ve managed to pair sexual wellness with holistic products, so that you can indulge in healthy, sexy, and pleasurable bouts of self-care. And let’s face it, taking care of yourself feels good!

How have we done this? Well, 95 percent of our product line is water-based, 98 percent of our product line uses natural ingredients, and all products are 100 percent vegan and planet-friendly. We’ve also used gender-inclusive formulas, and our minimal packaging is made of recycled and recyclable materials.

Get that orgasm glow, take care of your health, improve your overall sense of well-being, and save the planet? Yes, indeed! The Sex Au Naturel line will do all of those things, and more!

From vegan sex toys, vegan lube, and other holistic sex products, to natural serums, drops, and supplements, our Sex Au Naturel line is for the sex-positive, bold, and conscious.

What is the Inspiration Behind the Sex Au Naturel Line?

This sexual wellness product line was created using ourselves as our target customer. We formulated solutions that we would want to use, and feel safe about using, for ourselves, our family, friends, and loved ones.

We don’t just care about sexual health, but also about what we put on and inside of our bodies, as well as the environment. And thus, the Sex Au Naturel product line was born.

What Ingredients Can You Find in the Sex Au Naturel Sexual Wellness Products?

All of our Sex Au Naturel products contain a combination of ingredients, with a focus on natural, and plant-based.

Our sexual wellness products in this line contain gorgeous natural herbs such as ashwagandha, damiana, and Aloe Vera Barbadenis. They’re also free of phthalates, glycerin, colorants, sugar, and gluten.

And for that extra peace of mind, all of our Sex Au Naturel products have been dermatologically tested, and are pH-optimized to match yours!

Guilt-free play time fuelled with lust, and thoughtful and intentional self-care rituals.

Where Are the Sex Au Naturel Products Formulated?

We’ve partnered up with experts and scientists in Spain and Germany to bring you this holistic line of sexual wellness products.

Our trusted lab in Madrid, who helped with the formulation of the Orgasm Glow Dietary Supplement, has 40 plus years of experience developing food supplements. The result? A herbal blend that gives your body balance so you can enjoy maximum pleasure.

As for our partnership with experts in the cosmetic industry in Barcelona, with 30 plus years of experience, we formulated the Sex Au Naturel Revitalizing Massage Drops—a product that not only soothes, calms, and protects the skin, but also doubles up as a lubricant for solo or partnered play.

With their help, we too formulated the Clitoral Arousal Serum, which increases sensitivity and promotes blood flow to the vulva and the clitoris.

And our collaboration with a premium healthcare company in Germany, who’ve been going strong for 25 plus years, helped us develop our medical-grade lubricants that’re teasingly seductive.

Meet Our Sex Au Naturel Wellness Products

  • Dietary food supplement

  • Sex Au Naturel lubes:
    • Neutral Water-based Lubricant
    • Hyaluronic Water-based Lubricant
    • Coconut Water-based Lubricant
    • Aloe Vera Water-based Lubricant
  • Personal Massager

Sex Au Naturel—make the ordinary feel extraordinary!

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