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Magnifique 路 Bra Chain

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Magnifique Body Jewelry & Sultry Accessories

You know the feeling of elation you get when you buy something that鈥檚 two for the price of one? Or when you鈥檝e fallen in love with a new item or product and find out that it doubles up as something else just as fabulous? That is our Magnifque line of body jewelry and erotic accessories.

We have a range of delicious, raunchy, sensual, elegant, and seductive items such as chain bikini accessories, sexy body chains, body necklace pieces, waist chains and more.

What鈥檚 even better is that each of these items can be worn during your private moments alone, with a lustful partner, or even on a fun and flirty night out. The best of both worlds is possible with Magnifique!

Magnifique Sexy Body Chains

Celebrate the goddess in you with cool, seductive and sexy body chains wrapped around your beautiful body. Our Magnifique 8 Body Chain gives you the freedom to style your new accessory in eight different styles, making this body necklace versatile and oh so gorgeous.

Our Magnifique I Body Chain is just as desirable, and wraps around the neck and the waist, creating an 鈥淚鈥 shape. This sexy body chain pairs perfectly with your favourite outfit, or on your beautiful bare skin.

Magnifique Alluring Back & Cleavage Chains

Accentuate your cleavage or create a mesmerising display on your bare back with the Magnifique Back and Cleavage Chain. This accessory comes in either silver or gold, making it something that simply goes with anything (or nothing!).

And if you鈥檙e solely looking for an accessory that鈥檒l add an extra va-va-voom, our Magnifique Bra Chain drapes across the body, like a belly chain, and around your seductive breasts, making them even more irresistible.

Magnifique Tantalising Bikini Chains

Wear this slinky yet elegant Magnifique Bikini Chain across your most intimate area and dazzle yourself or the crowd. It鈥檚 a perfect accessory to drape across your underwear, bikini bottoms, or simply on its own for an even more passionate display.

Magnifique Sultry Feet Chains

Want to compliment your perfect body with something subtle, tasteful and trendy? The Magnifique Feet Chain accessory will always add a touch of sheer elegance with its loops and small intricate detail. Wear it with your best pair of heels, or barefoot鈥攂oth will look fantastic.

Magnifique Raunchy Handcuffs & Bracelets

For a bit of spice to your wardrobe, while keeping a touch of elegance, the two-in-one Magnifique Handcuffs and Bracelet dazzles. This adorable accessory can be worn solely as handcuffs for bouts of play, or they can be detached to wear as two bracelets at home or for special occasions. Which sounds more enticing to you?

Magnifique Ravishing Chokers & Necklaces

You鈥檒l be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a Magnifique choker or necklace! We have three gorgeous designs, each with their own unique style yet all incredibly tasteful.

Our Magnifique Metallic Choker has the power to liven up any outfit, or to add a bit of flair to your amazing figure. It sits pretty around your neck, then falls effortlessly to form chains that wrap around your waist.

Our Figure Necklace Whip too is a daringly bold choice. But with its simplicity, you can wear it around town without anyone knowing your little secret: that it doubles up as a sensual whip!

And finally, how does a necklace slash mini whip sound? Fabulous! Our Magnifique Tickler Pendant Chain has a small necklace ring, followed by a draping piece of chain leading to a mini whip. A body necklace that鈥檚 a fusion of sweet and spicy for those who simply want it all!

Magnifique Flirtatious Waist Chain Jewelry

Our Magnifique line was born out of sheer passion to create sexy body chains that can be worn as you please, whenever you please. And our Waist Chain Jewelry piece is brimming with so much flirtatious energy, you鈥檒l want to dress yourself up in it whether there鈥檚 a special occasion or not. It鈥檚 a waist chain that wraps around the buttocks, adorned with details that make it aesthetically beautiful not just for the wearer, but whoever lays their eyes upon them.

Magnifique Enticing Shoulder & Back Jewelry

Made up of small gold chains, the Magnifique Shoulders and Back Jewelry piece proves that there鈥檚 magic in small detail. It carefully drapes across your shoulders and back, creating an alluring look for day or night. Wear it on its own or with a strapless outfit for a style onlookers will swoon over.

And just for a bit of history about our line: All of our Magnifique body chain accessories were inspired by the 1920鈥檚 cabaret dancers. These striking women were non-conformists, and moved into their own power by embracing their most sensuous selves, just as you deserve to too.

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