If you were wondering what Bijoux Indiscrets is...

...we could tell you that it is an erotic company which is committed to female sexual wellbeing and was co-founded by Marta Aguiar and Elsa Viegas. But, in reality, we are so much more than that: Bijoux Indiscrets is made up of women prepared to push the boundaries of female sexuality much further than they’ve ever been pushed before. Because it’s a pleasure to take sex to a whole new level.

A bit of history

We come into the world in 2006, born from the desire to change the erotic industry and transform it from within. In a world dominated by an unreal, masculinised idea of what sexuality should be, we felt that it was time to lay the cards on the table and work towards a sexuality that was more inclusive, diverse, and real. So that sexuality could become a natural part of normal, day-to-day life, without needing to be hidden or tempered by other types of rhetoric, maintaining a false perception of sexuality in general, and female sexuality in particular. We want to democratise pleasure and fight for equality!

Just like any other social change, this sexual revolution is taking time, but we have already made significant steps towards female empowerment and the quest for pleasure. See them illustrated here in a list of our conquests:


Bijoux Indiscrets is launched

Marta Aguiar and Elsa Viegas found Bijoux Indiscrets.


Aphrodisia, the secret recipe from the Kamasutra

 Eroticism and senses working hand-in-hand. We invoked an ancient formula from the Kamasutra, creating an exclusive aroma with which to sweeten pleasure gels and body mists. A unique recipe which we gleaned from the history of sexuality and eroticism and placed into your hands. An exclusive fragrance which has been with us since the beginning, and which is infused into our textiles, cosmetics, and perfumes.


Erotics cosmetics

Following the success of our blindfolds, handcuffs, and games for couples created over the previous 5 years, we launched ourselves into the world of erotic cosmetics, a whole new phenomenon: respectful of your body, natural, vegan, and delicious for enjoying with no limits.


Body Jewels

We celebrate the female body with body jewels which enhance the curves and sensuality of the female form. Magnifique and Désir Métallique, metallic caresses which are ready for anything


The first vibrating diamond

So, so far from the erotic toys normally sold in sex shops. We give a voice to the true protagonist of female pleasure, the clitoris, by designing the world’s first vibrator in the shape of a cut diamond for stimulating the vulva from different angles.

A true gem!


MAZE, a labyrinth of sensuality

With the boom of 50 Shades of Grey, a question was born: Could bondage actually empower us? Yes, it can, and discover how with Maze, a collection of vegan-leather harnesses which combine fashion and eroticism in equal measures. With the PETA Approved Vegan seal.


The first orgasm library

If you have ever wondered what a real orgasm sounds like outside of your four walls and fiction, now you can find out. We launched the first orgasm library in audio format. A way to give a voice to pleasure which is real and diverse; as unique as each and every one of us.


Horøscope, holistic sexuality

Sexuality is part of a whole, and so we must seek to understand it, embrace it, and cultivate it along with the rest of our daily undertakings. Healthy sexuality is a fundamental part of our physical and psychological equilibrium. So, we created Horøscope, a kit which invites you to reconnect with your sexual being.


Clitherapy, a Millennial offering

Sexting is already part of our reality, so we set ourselves to work on the advantages (and disadvantages) of cell-phone seduction. And, with a touch of humour, we create a solution and complement to this new way of getting it on with a collection of orgasmic balms and a potent external vibrator.  


Slow Sex, sex without prejudices

The world is becoming one big spiral of hurry, obligations, and false beliefs. We make a plea for the need to rediscover oneself without haste or taboos and, above all, in a very tactile way. We launch a collection of 11 products specifically created for eleven different activities, each one ever so pleasurable. 


Sex Au Naturel, sexual wellness

Sexual pleasure from a holistic approach, as part of our balance and overall well being. Taking care of yourself feels good!

Sex au Naturel is a collection of intimate wellness founded on the notion that when you feel good, you enjoy twice as much. Natural blends created to make the ordinary feel extraordinary.


Bijoux Indiscrets

We are pioneers in Spain and a pacesetter worldwide. We are available in over 40 countries. We’re working away on our future projects whilst launching new versions of our most iconic offerings.

“Yes, the change has been fast but there’s still so much ahead of us. In a single decade the clitoris has been embraced; female masturbation has been discussed; women’s roles in society have changed (look at #metoo, the new wave of feminism; discovering that we are stronger together.) I believe that we can make even more positive change this decade. Look at the sex in TV series and films; it’s a reflection of this new society. Now there are female intimate directors for filming hot scenes… light years away from Bertolucci and Marlon Brando’s ad-libbing in The Last Tango in Paris in which the actresses couldn’t be heard.”

Elsa Viegas

We are grateful for everything we have experienced as a brand over these 15 years, but the future of Bijoux Indiscrets is yet to be written and we are hoping to have you along for company. Up for it?


At Bijoux Indiscrets we want our creation of erotic accessories, pleasure toys, and intimate cosmetics to be disruptive. We aim to create a new vision of female sexuality and pleasure, and everything we produce is about enjoying more, in a guilt and shame-free way, breaking taboos. We believe that gender equality extends into the domain of pleasure. We know that female pleasure is still plagued by ignorance and myth. Together, in our team, we work to create products which break the established rules and offer each and every woman tools with which to get to know and take charge of her own pleasure. There is nothing more empowering than knowledge. 

Intimate Care and Sexual Wellness

With no planet, there is no pleasure.

We are ethical

There is no planet B. We are aware that our company objective is to take pleasure wherever we can, but not at any cost. For that reason, Bijoux Indiscrets has a fundamental commitment to respecting the environment, wildlife and people.

Our products are vegan and not tested on animals. Our packaging becomes more sustainable by the day, with Slow Sex being our best range in this regard with 99% of its materials either recycled or recyclable. Our production is 80% local and, therefore, not only supports small businesses but also reduces carbon emissions.

“Ethics is more than simply obeying the law, it’s all about going further and working towards a better world. It’s going the extra mile. It’s fighting for true parity; caring for the planet and animals; making it a little bit better so that all those “little bits” add up to big change. It’s caring about the details, every ingredient… so we can nurture people without neglecting the planet.” Elsa Viegas

We are feminists and we make this clear on a daily basis in our collections, our company and in the values that we reflect in each of our campaigns.

Women who rock the world

We invest in female talent in all areas. Our team is mainly comprised of women who are outstanding in the variety of sectors needed for Bijoux Indiscrets to keep contributing to the world of sexuality and sexual wellbeing. The leadership team seeks to achieve (and achieves) good family-work balance across the company, the promotion of women in the sector, continued professional development of the team and is very aware of the infinite value of all the voices which make up the brand.

Family-work balance: For us it’s important that professional life doesn’t interfere with personal life. We believe in REAL flexibility. Those women and men who, for personal reasons, need to change their working hours or reduce their working day are, of course, encouraged to reconcile the two parts of their life. We believe that a job should create freedom in all regards.

Training: We believe in teams with ambition, who reinvent themselves and never stop learning. We encourage interest and part-finance the additional studies that our workers engage in. We adapt timetables to their studies and invest in the shared growth of the company. Nobody is left behind.

We all play an important role: We all know the adage that two heads are better than one, and so we encourage our team to participate, offer opinions, create, and make proposals at any stage of our project development. We are all an integral and important part of the whole.

Thanks for being part of our journey

Throughout these 15 years we have collaborated with incredible professionals, developed unique projects, met many people who have marked our lives and received a number of awards… but what motivates us and makes us unstoppable is knowing that what we are doing is for you and, in some way, it will change how you enjoy your sexuality, how you explore your pleasure with one of our products. Bijoux Indiscrets is a company made by great women for great women. Thanks for being part of the change!

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