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Oral Sex Balm

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Immerse yourself in the lap of your lover & imbibe their true essence.

Oral sex is one of the most sensual and erotic forms of foreplay and we’ve got multiple oral sex products to make it even more exciting. This practice is also a very intimate sexual act that involves various different body parts. The lips, tongue, the eyes and, of course, your most sweetest erogenous zones.

For some, giving and receiving oral sex is an incredibly blissful encounter. Some love to taste their partner, and watch them writhe in ecstasy while letting out deep and meaningful moans.

Others love receiving oral sex, feeling their lover’s mouth move and glide over their erotic zones, causing shivers up their spine. Here you’ll find all oral sex products to turn oral sex into magic!

Better Oral Sex with Bijoux Indiscrets

With our tips and techniques, we’ve got something even more useful that’ll help you during your oral sex adventures. To be more precise, we’ve got a handful of oral sex products that were made to heighten your and your partner’s sexual bliss.

From oral sex balm and oral sex lipgloss, to oral sex mints, oral sex strips and mouthwatering spray, find your new wave of sexual pleasure here with us at Bijoux Indiscrets.

Our Oral Sex Balm creates a gentle cooling effect on your sweet spots, while reducing friction, and tastes of delicious coconut. Use it during fellatio or cunnilingus, and transform your oral sex stimulation experience from average/great to seeing stars!

When it comes to Oral Sex Mints and Oral Sex Strips, they’re bursting with peppermint flavor, are sugar-free, and will give both you and your partner an icy sensation. Couple that with the giver’s hot breath, and you’ve got a combination of hot and cold to really spice things up.

Love giving oral sex but hate the whole ‘dry mouth’ aspect? Our Mouthwatering Spray is here to save the day. It’s a citrus flavored spray that helps produce natural saliva when it comes into contact with your tongue. The result? A wet adventure that feels like floating on cloud 9.

Then, for those who are spoiled for choice, we suggest checking out our Slow Sex Gift Box. It’s a fantastic and suggestive set of delicious oral sex stimulation aids and other intimate products.

In it, you’ll find our Oral Sex Balm, Nipple Play Gel, and our Clitoral Balm, allowing for all kinds of oral sex stimulation and sexy bouts of saucy sensations.

Your sweet spots: the perfect resting place for your lover’s tongue.

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