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Oral Sex Balm

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Clitoral Balm

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Our Slow Sex range is more than just sex cosmetics—it’s a statement, a narrative changer… a game changer even. You see, Slow Sex was invented for you and your partner to enjoy better foreplay, while re-educating yourselves to realise that foreplay can be the “main event”. It’s removing the belief that penetrative sex is the only kind of sex, and that foreplay can be just as sensual, orgasmic, and intimate, if not more so, than the act of penetrative sex.

Imagine a moment that’s full of euphoric bliss. A time where you felt completely free, uninhibited, almost lost in the sheer beauty of it all. That is Slow Sex.

Our range of sexual wellness products were made for you to take your sexuality and pleasure to the next level.

These foreplay products aren’t merely a stepping stone to explosive orgasms and greater levels of intimacy, with yourself or a partner. They are the very reminder that you can lose yourself in ecstasy during foreplay, and that sex is anything you perceive it to be. There is no “main event”! Your pleasure, in whatever form that may be, is the main event.

Slow Sex: Products and Foreplay Tips for Women

It’s a fact that the majority of women need some form of foreplay, especially clitoral stimulation, in order to climax. And by grabbing our Slow Sex Clitoral Balm, like a kind of lube for foreplay, you’ll simply enhance your bliss by creating a warming effect and an increase in blood flow, which is key for maximum pleasure.

Why is foreplay important? Foreplay provides a platform for partners to feel more aroused, safe, and trusting. Which is why it’s one of the most powerful experiences for lovers to enjoy.

A raunchy make out session, cuddles, grabs, licks, and kisses are a great way to get the blood flowing towards your sweet spots, creating that gorgeous throbbing feeling. And we all know what comes next… you do!
And for a little extra sparkle, out Slow Sex Dry-Touch Intimate Shimmer Oil adds a sensual lustre to your body, wherever you choose to wear it.

Slow Sex: Products and Foreplay Tips for Males

Foreplay is just as important for men as it is women. And because we’re all about changing the narrative, we want to remove the added pressure brought on by performance anxiety.

For men, a slow and sensual bout of foreplay gives them a moment to simply enjoy the experience. It removes the idea that sex and orgasm is the be-all-and-end-all, and allows them to experience different kinds of pleasure with their partner. Plus, for heterosexual couples, it can be a huge turn on to see a woman in a state of magical erotica that’s brought on by foreplay. But that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about you, gents...

Our Slow Sex Finger Play Gel, Anal Play Gel, Oral Sex Strips, Mouthwatering Spray, and Nipple Play is just as sensual for you as it is for women. These Slow Sex products will allow you to experience a new kind of sensation on your erogenous zones, and slowly build up your levels of rousing desire. Together with your partner, it’s an absolute haven of carnal lust that’s simply firework-inducing.

And for a final touch, our Slow Sex Intimate Solid Perfume leaves you beaming with a gorgeous coconut-scent that’s almost impossible to resist. It nourishes and hydrates your sweet spots, respecting the pH levels of both the vulva and penis, making it a unisex treat for everyone.

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