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Happily Ever After

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Happily Ever After · Red label

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Discover New Parts Of Yourself with a Sex Kit

Contrary to popular belief, the definition of sex is not exclusive to penetration, and the sole objective of sex is not just an orgasm. In fact it’s the journey that really counts.

What is “the journey”? Foreplay! Engaging in intimate and/or sexual acts that increase pleasure, trust, and connection.  

Foreplay is an excellent way to build arousal, try new things, or indulge in activities you truly desire while exploring, loving and appreciating your (and your partner’s) body. 

And it just so happens that engaging in foreplay very often leads to amazing, explosive orgasms as it is. 

The combination of touching, kissing, licking, and playing not only helps one relax and get out of their own head, but it also helps reduce stress (two big factors that influence one’s ability to climax).

And actually, kissing alone releases a cocktail of feel-good hormones, such as oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. Isn’t that something?

Essentially what we're saying is: foreplay is important. Very important. Here are five of our Slow Sex foreplay treats—adult sex toy kits if you will, that we think are a staple.

1. Slow Sex Oral Sex Box

Your oral sex game may be impressive, but it could be better (no offense). This Slow Sex Oral Sex Box contains Oral Sex Balm, Mouthwatering Spray, Oral Sex Strips, and Oral Sex Oil with CBD. 

Use the Oral Sex Balm and/or the Oral Sex Oil with CBD to increase arousal, the Mouthwatering Spray to prompt more saliva production, and the Oral Sex Strips that are minty fresh to give off a cooling sensation. 

2. Slow Sex Arousal Clit Box (solo or with company)

As if we needed more reason to love the clitoris, it was newly discovered that this magical part of the anatomy has over 10,000 nerve endings (as opposed to the previously-believed 8,000 something). The more nerve-endings, the more pleasure! Want to ramp that pleasure up even more?

The Slow Sex Arousal Clit Box has three powerful products for clit-owners; discover them now!

3. Slow Sex All Bodies Experience Box

For the more varied players, the Slow Sex All Bodies Experience Box is diverse and so much fun. 

What’s inside? Something to increase saliva production so you can suck, lick, and kiss until your heart's content, something to praise the nipples, and something to enjoy anal pleasure. A mixed bag of lust, shall we say?

4. Slow Sex CBD Experience Box

CBD is a game-changer in so many realms today—including intimacy. It has been said to have stress-reducing properties, and the ability to increase blood flow, which is exactly what the doctor ordered for pure bliss in the bedroom. 

5. Slow Sex Erotic Massage Box

A form of foreplay you may have overlooked is erotic massages. Sure, you may touch intimate body parts, but you can also sensually rub other non-sexual spots to induce relaxation, improve circulation, and promote intimacy and closeness. 

And the Slow Sex Erotic Massage Box is a sex toy kit for couples to do just that.

A Sex Box? Or Rather… a Sex Toy Box?

Fancy a lil’ bit of this and a lil’ bit of that? The Iconic Box—Bijoux Indiscrets’ Selection has a touch of everything for many a night of explorative passion. 

It’s a sex toy box made up of 11 items to play with and wear (yes, wear!), and was made for you to truly step into your eroticism with power. 

From vibrators to soft bondage items, seductive pieces to a bit of impact play items, it’s your time to shine.

Or maybe another type of sex toy starter kit might intrigue you… 

An Adult Toy Box for Pure Seduction

The ultimate 50 Shades of Grey sex toy starter kit, the Instruments of Pleasure—Purple has been created to dip your toe into a new world of fantasy and adventure. Just like a box of sex toys… but with a spicy twist.

Go slowly and softly with a satin blindfold, satin restraints, and a vibrating bullet to taste a world made up of light bondage and heightened sensations. 

A Sex Toy Bundle for a Rising Libido 

There are dozens of reasons why individuals feel a lack of libido or sexual desire from time to time, of varying durations. And for the most part, it’s normal. 

But if it’s something that concerns you, why not take our Libido and Pleasure Experience Box out for a spin?

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