Intimate Oils and Perfumes: Heighten Your Arousal

When it comes to sexual health and wellness, we often think of the big things. Sex toys, condoms, lubricant, etc. In actuality, the devil is in the details.

There are so many other things that often go overlooked in the realm of intimacy and sexual health that, when included in your solo sessions or partnered fun, can make a huge difference. And this is why we’ve created a line of intimate oils and intimate perfumes.

But why would an intimate oil, intimate perfume, or even a body perfume play such a big role in one’s level of arousal or how couples bond and connect with one another? You’d be surprised…

For one, there is a chemical called ‘pheromones’ that is secreted by individuals on the outside of the body which actually affects the behaviour of those that they meet. Pheromones have the ability to transmit information such as one’s fertility level, health status, social status, and can even influence one’s attraction to another.

Having said that, can you imagine what a carefully-formulated intimate oil, intimate perfume, or body perfume has the power to do? Exactly! Certain smells play a part in how people feel around one another, or even alone. A smell has the ability to make you feel happy, aroused, sad, sleepy, or even hungry!

For example, perhaps your partner has a favourite perfume and whenever you smell that special scent, be it on them or elsewhere, you’re automatically reminded of them. And this goes for all kinds of memories. Imagine having your first kiss whilst smelling the rain. Years later, this smell can take you back to a moment in time that’s special and meaningful.

On another note however, we could simply enjoy a delicious and beautiful smell for what it is! Many people adore the smell of certain essential oils, perfumes, fruits, air freshners, etc. In fact, some people even love the smell of things less common, such as the smell of gasoline being put into their vehicle, nail varnish, freshly-cut grass, and more.

And so, long story short: we’ve decided to create a line of intimate oils, intimate perfumes, and body perfumes that will give you the best of both worlds.

Our collection of perfumes and oils not only smell like heaven, but will also give you (and your partner) the ability to associate the smell with something gorgeous, sensual, and erotic for years to come.

A bonus? They too can boost your confidence and make you shine like the absolute star that you are with their moisturising and shimmering effects.

Create an alluring and delicious experience with our Intimate Solid Perfume and/or our Dry-Touch Intimate Shimmer Oil.

Intimate Solid Perfume

Pamper yourself by swiping our Full Body Solid Perfume from Bijoux Indiscrets’ Slow Sex range on your intimate area, or on your skin, to fill the air with the exotic smell of coconut. This petite, easy-to-use roll-on intimate perfume respects the natural pH of the vulva and the penis, and it’s edible, making it the perfect little treat for all bodies. Kiss and lick it off one another and enjoy a long-lasting, alcohol-free, and hydrating intimate perfume made for making seductive memories.

Dry-Touch Intimate Shimmer Oil

While it’s difficult to love every inch of ourselves sometimes (even though we strive to change this narrative), we have formulated a Dry-Touch Intimate Shimmer Oil that will highlight your most beautiful parts. Use a drop or two in your hair, on your glutes, underarms, pubic area or other, and imbibe the sweet smell of coconut. This intimate oil hydrates, is antibacterial, and compatible with sex toys. Use it to shimmer, highlight, and create a body perfume scent that you and your partner will simply love to add to the bedroom!

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