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Sex lubricants have the power to turn any tryst into a sensual bout of incredible play, no matter what you’re enjoying or who you’re with.

Contrary to popular belief, lube is not simply an aid for vaginal dryness. It’s time to spread the joys of using lubes far and wide, so that any and all people have the luxury of using them.

From flavored lube, anal lubricants, and masturbation lubes, to water based lube and anal sex gel, we’ve got a personal lubricant that you’ll love to slide into!

Why is Using Lube So Important?

Using a personal lubricant can be a real treat for a number of reasons. It’s gender-inclusive and can be used by any and everyone, for any kind of play, and it enhances your pleasure by creating a smooth and elegant glide during masturbation, foreplay, and penetration.

Then there’s of course the fact that the anus doesn’t produce natural lubrication, which means that an anal sex gel or lube an absolute necessity. In fact, anal lube will take you from zero to hero in a matter of minutes when it comes to anal play, and turn your experience into an extremely satisfying one as opposed to a possible painful and uncomfortable one.

And we couldn’t not mention the aspect of vaginal dryness, which is a reality for some vulva owners. We want to remove any discomfort surrounding vaginal dryness by introducing you to sensual sex lubes that’ll transform your sexual experiences.

Different Types of Personal Lubricants

When it comes to the various types of personal lubricants, the list is seemingly endless. You can pick and choose until your heart's content, finding a perfect masturbation lube or sex lubricant.

The most common kinds of lube include:

  • Water Based Lubricants: a versatile lube that can be used for any and all of your adventures, including play time with nearly any kind of sex toy.
  • Oil Based Lubricants: a kind of sex lubricant that’s great for genital massages and all kinds of other sexual types of play.
  • Silicone Based Lubricants: a thicker and more silky kind of lube that is longer-lasting, yet slightly fussy when it comes to pairing with certain sex toys.
  • Flavored Lubricants: a way in which to add a sensual touch to your sessions of foreplay and beyond.
  • Anal Lubricants: a lube specially formulated for anal play with properties that hydrate, relax, and add elasticitcity to the anus, for more pleasure.
  • Warming & Cooling Lubricants: a kinky kind of lube that will give the user either a tingling or a warming effect.

When & How Do You Use Lube?

Sex lubricants are so multi-functional, you can use them whenever the mood strikes. Pair your favorite personal lubricant with your sex toys, during foreplay, during solo masturbation, or when you’re having penetrative sex. If you’re using lube with your pleasure product, be sure to choose one that not only feels amazing, but that’s compatible with your chosen sex toy.

How to use lube depends on why you’re using it. But in most cases: the wetter the better! For penis owners using a masturbator, you can use a generous amount of lube with your toy, for those who want a tingling effect, say for clitoral play, a warming or cooling lube may induce your very best climax.

Anal penetration requires a bountiful amount of anal lube, so you can really go to town when you’re enjoying a bit of anal play.

And then, during other kinds of sexy play, such as getting handsy, or oral sex, you could go for a water based lubricant, a silicone based lubricant, a flavored lube, or a warming or cooling lube. The choice is yours!

Play time has officially become wetter and better than ever before!

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