Sultry Adult Gifts that Start with the Letter A

Giving and receiving gifts is one of the simplest joys in the world. Whether the gift was made from the heart, bought with thoughtfulness in mind, or even extravagant, surely almost all of us can agree that gifts are a great way to show thanks, be grateful, and display kindness. 

Additionally, let’s not forget about the 5 Love Languages with one in particular being gift giving/receiving. In this love language, a person shows their love, affection, and appreciation of others by giving them a gift. 

This gift need not be expensive because the main objective is the time and effort the giver puts into finding and giving one a gift. In this way, the receiver will get a sense that the person really knows them.

Having said that, we’re definitely in the realm of making people smile with our range of adult gifts and pleasures… 

Adult Gifts that start with A

What better place to start our gift guide than the letter ‘A’. It’s the beginning of the alphabet, it’s the beginning of a new browsing adventure, and it’s the beginning of a kind gesture. 

So, while you may find many other guides to gifts that start with A, our guide is more… sensual, shall we say? We’ll take you through our different categories of lustful gifts that start with the letter A for adults. 

Who knows, you may just find something cheeky to gift yourself! 

A is for All: genderless adult gifts that start with the letter A

In this category, we’re adoring all bodies. These gifts that start with the letter A for adults are genderless and alluring, giving space for any and everyone to indulge in them.

Aloe Vera Water Based Lube

With a healing and regenerating effect, this water based lubricant is not only great for intimate moments but also aids in a moisturized and nourished intimate area. This is because it contains the magical plant, aloe vera. Additionally, this lube reduces friction, is pH balanced, and vegan. An excellent item to have nearby for planned or unplanned sessions. 

App-Enabled Mini Wand

A powerful and mighty wand in small packaging! There are so many reasons why this app-enabled mini wand is an excellent gift. For example, it has a flexible head that adapts with your curves, it can be used during partnered or solo play, and it connects to the app Vibio via Bluetooth. The latter is great for long distance couples, as it can be controlled from anywhere! It’s an external sex toy ready to stimulate all of your erogenous zones, and one of many great gifts that start with the letter A.

App-Enabled Dual Stimulation Plug

For vagina and penis owners, this is the kind of gift to give more experienced sex toy users. It’s a dual stimulation plug that has an insertable shaft that moves in a thumping motion. It also has rotating beads on the external base, aiding in even more sensations. It can be used for vaginal and anal stimulation, and can be controlled from anywhere via Bluetooth using the app Vibio. 

A is for Arousal: arousing adult gifts that start with the letter A

The key to sexual pleasure is arousal. As said in the phases of the sexual response cycle, “excitement” is the first phase. This refers to the initial physiological sexual arousal response as characterized by increased heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure. Arousal boosting sexual wellness gifts, anyone?

Arousal Pleasure Boost Oil by Sitre

Pleasure Boost by Sitre increases sensitivity and relaxes muscles—which is the perfect combination for enhanced sensation. How so? It contains one percent of CBD oil which promotes blood flow for arousal. Give the gift of relaxation and easier arousal with a sexual wellness product that is allergy-friendly, without toxins, and safe to use as lube. A cost-effective and sensual gift that starts with the letter A.

Arousal Clitoral Balm 

The clitoris is definitely a hotspot for delicious orgasms. But if you choose to play with this clitoral balm, you’re in for an even sexier ride. It has a warming effect that increases blood flow and heightens sensitivity. A great gift for someone who loves to experiment sexually with different types of sensations.

Arousal Clitoral Serum

A treat for the clitoris, this clitoris serum is a combination of arginine and ginseng. These ingredients create more sensitivity while prompting blood flow to the area. The result? A gorgeous boost in arousal. Plus it has an added bonus: a gentle tingling and warming effect.

Arousal Nipple Play Gel

You may not know this, but the nipples are a highly sensitive erogenous zone. In fact, it’s possible for some to orgasm simply by stimulating them. So, instead of overlooking them during self-care and partnered fun, give the gift of new sensations. This Nipple Play Gel has cooling capabilities with its metallic applicator, and is safe even to kiss and transfer to other sensual spots. Plus, it has a gorgeous coconut aroma. As far as adult gifts that start with the letter A go, this one may just take the cake.

Arousal Liquid Vibrator

It’s a match! No, not with someone you’ll end up never talking to (again)! With a little thing we like to call a liquid vibrator. It’s a balm that increases blood flow to the clitoris whilst giving it a tingling and warming effect. An added bonus is that it’s not just amazing for orgasms, but also—your body. It's been formulated with Acmella Flower Extract which has been recognized in traditional medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties and aphrodisiac effects. It also contains aloe vera which soothes and hydrates. How’s that for a super match?

Arousal Orgasm Enhancer Balm

Sleek and powerful, this little canister has been designed especially for the clitoris. With one simple application, the user can increase their level of sensitivity which, in turn, paves the way for some seriously sexy sensations. Enhanced clitoral orgasms? Now that’s one of the sexiest adult gifts that start with the letter A!

Arousal Cooling and Warming Nip Gloss

Some like it hot, some like it ice cold… but for those who like the best of both worlds? Two tubes of gloss with each sensation, respectively. This nip gloss is great for those who enjoy experimenting with their senses. It allows users to test their sensitivity and to find out which temperature really gets them going! A plus is that both glosses are kissable and transferable to other body parts, externally.

Arousal Oral Sex Balm

Oral sex is a favorite for many. And you may think that it doesn’t really get any better than that. But wait, it does! By adding a dash of this Oral Sex Balm, the clitoris will be able to experience a slew of different sensations. You see, once the balm is met with the giver’s kisses and licks, a different kind of warmth is created. It also tastes yum with a coconut flavor, so it’s truly a win-win for everyone.

Arousal Supplement: Orgasm Glow

Yes, we love instant gratification such as balms and oils with immediate effects that are sexy and sensual. But giving the gift of an ongoing glow plus a rising libido is essentially priceless. The Orgasm Glow Arousal Supplement is a blend of natural ingredients and herb extracts that improves sexual desire, strengthens the immune system, and boosts libido. In other words, one supplement a day equals ongoing bliss.

A is for Audio: Sexy sound adult gifts that start with the letter A

One could think of sound as a pleasure appetizer. Yes, really! Pleasure sounds actually wake the body up and can even begin the arousal experience. And you know what else can help begin the arousal experience? Our exclusive Audio Orgasm Sound Library.

Audio Orgasm Sound Library 

The Orgasm Sound Library is a project that reveals the real sound of female pleasure. It gives a voice to real orgasms with the purpose of breaking the stigma of women embracing their sexuality. It’s also a way in which to break the fictional view of sex. For example, many may believe that sex is what is seen in porn (the sexual acts, the scenes, and the sound of an orgasm). What’s fun about this collection of orgasms is that it’s completely free to use, and anyone who uploads their own orgasm audio will get their orgasm back in the shape of a high quality image for a visual representation. Did someone say a free gift that starts with A? Yep!                                                                                                               

Orgasm Library by Bijoux Indiscrets

A is for Aroma: Aromatic adult gifts that start with the letter A 

According to a scientific study on the effect of smell on sexual arousal, the perception of body odors such as vaginal fluids, sperm, and sweat can enrich a sexual experience by increasing sexual arousal. Body odors aside, smell in general has a way of heightening one’s libido and creating a comfortable yet erotic environment.

Aphrodisia Body Mist

Take advantage of one of the most sensual of the five senses—smell, with a body mist that’s bursting with a hypnotic fragrance. And sure, you could wear it on date night or a night out, but it’s even better when shared in private. The sweet combination of roses, lush ylang-ylang, and jasmine make it a scent that’s simply irresistible for the wearer and their partner. 

Aphrodisia Scented Massage Candle

Setting the scene before play time can aid in higher levels of arousal and the ability to relax and get comfortable. And that’s why scented candles are an excellent sexual wellness tool for foreplay. What’s even sexier about this scented candle though is that once it begins to melt, the liquid can be used as a massage oil. With its glow when lit, gorgeous fragrance inspired by the Kama Sutra, and its soft oil created once melted, this simple candle is a treat for the eyes, nose, and the body.

A is for Aesthetics: aesthetically-pleasing gifts that start with the letter A

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words… such is the gift of visuals. You see, clothing and accessories have a way of making people empowered, confident, and even sexy. And when you take said-clothes and accessories into the bedroom, it has the power to transcend an intimate affair, whether it’s alone or with a partner. 

Arrow Dress Harness by MAZE

Get dressed to impress! If you’re looking to buy someone a gift that’s full-on sexy and can be used inside and outside of the bedroom, an item from our MAZE collection is an excellent choice. This Arrow Dress Harness makes a statement as it wraps around the waist, hugs the hips and buttocks, and has straps that go over the shoulders exposing the breasts. On the back, a sexy “X” (to mark the spot?). It’s adjustable, easy to clean, and is PETA approved! An erotic gift that starts with the letter A? Tick!

A is for Anal: anal gifts that start with the letter A

Anal play—a pleasure that so many people deny due to its taboo status. In actuality however, anal play and penetration can be an amazing experience for everyone. Plus, it has the power to give individuals even stronger orgasms than what they’re used to—for example: the ones they receive through clitoral, vaginal, or penile stimulation. What do we say? Don’t knock it ‘till you try it.

Anal Play Gel

A good anal lube is a necessity for those who enjoy anal penetration! So if you’re looking for adult gifts that start with A for someone you love or lust, give them the best. That is, an anal lube that contains arnica to protect them against inflammation, and chamomile and aloe vera to increase hydration and anal elasticity. Smooth, soothing, and erotic, this anal gel also reduces friction and has a sweet coconut aroma that can be tasted!

Anal Vibrating Butt Plug: NUO

Go big or go home! Adult gifts that start with A that’s sexy and erotic! This vibrating butt plug is multi-sensual because of its dual motors, and comes with a remote control via an app for hands-free intense bliss. It also has a curved shaft for precise stimulation, is flexible, and comes with seven patterns and five speeds. Is this the gift that keeps on giving? Essentially, yes.

Such is the future… technological pleasure products working hard to induce arousal. Today, we have the chance to take full advantage of app-enabled sex toys and sexual wellness aids. Shower the people you love and/or lust after with something new and innovative. 

App-Enabled Vibrating Kegel Balls

If you’re unsure of how important practicing kegel exercises are, let us tell you: it’s pretty important. By doing so, you can have stronger orgasms and you can help reduce the chances of incontinence later on in life. The latter doesn’t sound sexy, we know. But that doesn’t mean kegel exercises don’t have to be! These kegel balls work with an app in order to work one’s pelvic floor, combining pleasure and technology. What’s also fun is that, because of its app capabilities, it can be controlled by a trusted person anywhere in the world!

A is for App-Enabled: gifts that start with A 

App-Enabled Wearable Vibrator

Go on, give someone the gift of cheekiness with an external wearable vibrator called Frida. It’s easy to use as a panty vibrator and is an utter thrill to wear out in public or behind closed doors. Besides this, Frida is a favorite because it can be used via an app that also comes with a range of audio erotic stories, challenges, and expert guides for complete solo exploration. Partner or no partner, Frida is always ready to shower you with sheer pleasure.

A is for Advent: Adult Christmas gifts that start with A

Just because we’re no longer children doesn’t mean that we can’t indulge in an advent calendar. Only this time, it can be a racy adult advent calendar. Exciting, isn’t it?

Advent calendar of pleasure: Slow Sex Experience Box

Inch your way closer to Christmas with a makeshift adult advent calendar. This could be a great gift for someone who tends to feel a little down over the holidays, or for someone who loves to experiment with new sexual wellness products. It comes with 11 full-size Slow Sex products to play with, which means the fun starts on December 15! Alternatively, you could consider this adult gift that starts with A as one of your naughty Christmas gifts for your partner? Versatile and fun!

So folx, we’re sure this guide on adult gifts that start with A has been quite a thrilling ride. So much so that perhaps you’re thinking of gifting yourself with one or more items? Go on, self-care is in, self-doubt is out!

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