Are you a good kisser? How to excel at kissing

Could it be said that kissing is an artform? Well, depending on who is doing it, yes, kissing can be a whole symphony for the senses. Kissing is commonplace… but not as much as you may think. And kissing well is another story altogether!

Ah, kissing, what a marvellous thing to do! A good kiss, one of those that makes you go weak at the knees and your body tingle, is hard to find. Luckily, completely disastrous kisses are not common either. Thank goodness! But there are many ways to kiss, as many ways as there are people in the world. Are you a good kisser? How do you like to kiss? Are you a kissing SEXpert? Let’s put it to the test. 

The best kisses

There is no single correct way to kiss, but there are general traits which good kisses have in common. Kissing well or enjoying the best kisses will depend not only on you, but also on the ‘kissee’, on the type of kiss you like best, how long it lasts, the rhythm, the level of arousal and also the feelings that the other person sparks in you. 

Kisses on the lips, generally speaking, may involve:

  • Lips that are very tight and closed.
  • Lips that are relaxed and closed
  • Open lips.
  • Tongues

Kissing can be utterly intimate. But whatever your ideal kiss may be or the best kiss to suit the occasion, here is some advice which will help you turn a normal kiss into an extraordinary kiss.

Gradual progression: Just because there are different types of kisses does not mean that you have to develop them all separately. “In crescendo” is best: start with a sweet little kiss, perhaps with your lips closed, and then advance to whatever level you choose. 

Coordination: There’s no such things as a good kiss without teamwork. In other words, no matter how much of a kissing SEXpert you are, without the collaboration of your kissing partner, you won’t be able to use your whole arsenal. The best way? Get to know your partner’s kisses a little at a time. Follow each step the other person takes and let your movements become an intermingling of action and reaction. 

Body language: There’s no point is giving someone a steaming hot kiss if your body is on a different wavelength. Line your bodies up, touch each other, kiss and grab hold of each other passionately. Attitude is everything when it comes to a kiss and intention should follow suit. After all, kissing is another way to communicate, right? 

Hygiene: Watch out, how many times have kisses fallen flat because of a breath from beyond the grave. It sounds like a joke, but it’s true. Our sense of smell is super important when it comes to seduction! It no good receiving the kiss of your dreams if it doesn’t have the hygiene to match. 

Trick: Sometimes breath can play tricks on us, and it’s not always linked to dental hygiene. Lack of water, an unbalanced diet or stomach issues can cause bad breath. You can always carry some mouth-refreshing strips with you or some ultra-minty sweets which are just as great for kissing as they are for oral sex.

Tongues: Mmmm… super sexy! But, as you read above, progression is important. In other words, save tongues for later. Don’t rush, be aware of how your partner is feeling, play, hold yourself back. And once you let the tongues join in, go gently, softly encircling their tongue with yours. It’s veritable choreography. 

Saliva: Kisses are supposed to be wet… but how wet? We leave that up to you. We only know that kisses that are too dry aren’t ideal. If you believe that your kisses could be a touch juicier, why not try three pumps of Mouthwatering Spray? Sweeter kisses and more intense oral sex.

Not everybody kisses

Now that you are a kissing SEXpert, want to plunge a little deeper? It turns out that not everyone kisses and, no, we’re not talking about teenage years when a first kiss was something worthy of a diary entry. We are talking about that fact that, amongst all the cultures that exist in the world, romantic kissing only happens in 46% of them.


But why do we kiss?

Kissing gives us an evolutionary advantage and there are genetic and hormonal markers in our oral secretions which can give a potential partner clues about whether it’s a good idea to breed with them. Kisses always send us information about the person we are kissing, as we immediately capture their smell, taste and touch. But it can also reveal in a matter of seconds whether or not we are genetically compatibles with our suitors, if the relationship is worth it or if it would be better to take a pull the plug and keep searching.  Pretty impressive!

Kissing is healthy!

We can see that kisses are an authentic marvel conceived for evolution and culture (we wonder which one has the most effect on the other), but they are also beneficial to health: 

  • Increase your heart rate to 140, speeding up your metabolism. 
  • Exercise 34 facial muscles.
  • Allow you to exchange 40,000 bacteria and saliva to prevent tooth decay.
  • Reduce acidity in the moth.
  • Decrease stress due to the release of cortisol.
  • Increase self-esteem.
  • Improve the immune system.
  • Reduce pain thanks to the endorphins.

As you can see, kisses are awesome, and everyone can achieve great kisses. Get practising your kisses and enjoy all the benefits they bring. Pucker up!


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