Butt plugs: Which to choose and where to start

Butt plugs are sex toys which are specifically designed for anal sex. But wouldn’t a dildo be just fine?  That’s an emphatic ‘no’ as far as we are concerned if you are someone who has never had anal sex or has found anal sex to be uncomfortable, or even painful. 

The shape of butt plugs is no whimsical thing, nor are they that dissimilar to dildos in terms of differentiating, however knowing telling them apart is a good idea for hygiene reasons. Compared to dildos, they are shorter to avoid any tears (rectal walls are more delicate than those of the vagina); they tend to have an oval shape to facilitate gradual penetration and, the most important thing, they have a non-insertable base so that they are easy to remove, and the toy is safe.

Whilst we are on the subject, I mustn’t miss this opportunity to enlighten you that butt plugs were invented by Frank E. Young in 1892, but not for purposes remotely connected to anal pleasure. Originally, anal plugs were used to remedy constipation and haemorrhoids. Young designed them with 4 sizes, from 11 to 50 cm in length and the main material used was rubber. Interesting, right? We don’t know if Frank’s invention worked, but what we do know is that it left a deep impression on society and these days it is one of the most widely sold toys throughout the world. 

 Anal Sex

Types of butt plugs

So as to discover the range butt plugs available on the market, we are going to divide them into two main groups: those for inserting and those for active play. The difference between the two groups is the function of the plug. Those intended for insertion are designed to be positioned and left in the anus for a period of time (more than two hours with a plug is not recommended) while you play with other parts of the body or simply for training your sphincters for later on. Those made for active play are for continued penetration (the good old in-and-out) or for anal stimulation focused on self-pleasure. Let’s get started so you can learn even more! 

For insertion:

  • Progressive: Progressive plugs are for helping you dilate, either because of their shape, very narrow at the tip and gradually widening, or as part of a set of various plugs which gradually adapt to your capacity. The best thing about progressive plugs is that they adapt to you and are not as intimidating as those made for more experienced people.  
  • Ornate: Ornate plugs are the ones with some form of texture or decoration or that simply stand out. If you’re planning to use them to enhance a sexual relationship or in masturbation, this butt plug can make your play even more daring and sexy. There is also a range of sizes so you can start your own collection of ornate and progressive plugs as you practise and play. 
  • Tails: Who hasn’t wanted to be a wild animal at some point? Just like ornate plugs, synthetic animal tails (generally fox, wolf, panther…) mean that you can achieve anal pleasure while indulging in fantasy or role play as Cat Woman herself.


Active play:

  • Progressive: If you like a bit of anal sex and you reckon you’re prepared for some active play, you could start with a progressive plug for penetration. In contrast to a dildo, its shape means you can stretch yourself very gently. Don’t forget safety is the most important thing. Never insert anything anally that doesn’t have a flared base: it’s incredibly dangerous! If you use a butt plug, you’ll never run that risk. 
  • Vibrators: Technology can also come in handy in anal sex. If you love anal sex but think that the in-out-repeat element is overrated, try a vibrating plug. They are pleasurable, safe and, should there be someone with a penis involved, they are also great for stimulating the prostate. Up for it? 
  • For use with a harness: You can always invent ways to attach a plug to a harness, but there are those designed for this very purpose. Contrary to a dildo, they are built for gradual dilation and are shorter, so there will be no issues of tearing for the less initiated.


Which should you choose?

Ideally you should be aware of what your body can and can’t do and should also have a think about what it is you desire. Perhaps you imagine yourself enjoying pleasure in bed like never before thanks to anal sex, but physically you aren’t quite ready. It would be a shame to have to remove one of the items from the menu because of a bad experience, wouldn’t it? This is why, for beginners, we always recommend starting with progressive plugs for insertion, and if you like it…  then we’ll look into the other options!


Not without my lube

Don’t forget that the anus doesn’t self-lubricate, and so it needs a little help with some water or silicone-based lubricant. For starting out with anal sex we suggest you try Anal Play from Slow Sex, whether the action is going to involve penetration or simply external stimulation. Anal Play is water based, compatible with all toys and kissable. It contains aloe vera, arnica and chamomile. Complete hydration!

 Anal Sex

And you, have you already had a go at anal sex? Do you have a favourite plug? What type of lube to you use? Tell us anything you want in the comments, we’d love to hear from you! 

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