"Eroticism, sexual freedom and feminism have always been a part of who I am".

I don't think there's anything so exciting yet agonising as the moment you sit down to design a new product. On the one hand there's that amazing challenge, and on the other, that overwhelming panic when you look down at the blank page. But that's how I've always been. I graduated in Graphic Design last century (hahaha) and after a few years working as a graphic designer I embarked on a role in advertising, which I LOVED. So much so that in the agency world I met my partners, and together we founded Bijoux Indiscrets 14 years ago.


"Eroticism, sexual freedom and feminism have always been a part of who I am".

History aside, I landed in the world of (erotic) product design by chance. Or did I? Eroticism, sexual freedom and feminism have always been a part of who I am, so maybe it's not such a coincidence that I now spend my time designing products that focus on female pleasure.

I'm over 40 now and I've see first-hand how sexuality and its rules change according to your gender, age, the society you live in and a series of concepts and prejudices which I hope that, as a brand, we are helping to tackle head-on.

The freedom to enjoy our sexuality to the full is not yet a reality and, although we've come a long way in terms of equality, the bedroom is still an unlevel playing field for many women and their pleasure.

Having spent 14 years creating products that celebrate our form and our pleasure, I decided it was time to reflect that somehow, so set about choosing my favourites, our favourites and your favourites to bring them all together in one box. Our 12 most iconic products, selected by me but, above all, by you ladies, the real masters of your pleasure. The items chosen are our bestsellers among the 100+ pieces in our portfolio. And that is how 12 SEXY DAYS was born. A spectacular box that not only gathers my 12 favourite products as a designer but as a feminist woman too (as if there were any other way to be).


"8 in 10 women achieve orgasm through external clitoral stimulation".

So, if you're willing to give me a bit of your time, I will tell you all the secrets hiding in each of the products inside this gift box.

Let's start with my favourite, the jewel in the crown of 12 SEXY DAYS: our most iconic product, the vibrating diamond TWENTY ONE. As if designing accessories weren't hard enough, an erotic toy is a whole other level. It's bordering on a nightmare…but is also an absolute pleasure. After eight years marketing accessories and toys for couples, in 2014 we decided we'd finally launch our first sex toy for women. And as I'm sure you can imagine, after being surrounded by a sea of primary colours, silicones and phallic shapes for so long, in the end we went for a rigid, diamond-shaped object in gold. OMG! What a risk it was. But the sex studies and statistics don't lie: 8 in 10 women achieve orgasm through external clitoral stimulation. Ahh, the clitoris. That organ that only we have which is there for pleasure and pleasure only. And although we might only see a couple of millimetres, it's actually about 12 cm long and holds the key to our pleasure. It is sensitive to vibration and pressure, hence we made our first vibrator in its honour.

Yes, I may be a little biased, but it is one of my favourite toys. And it looks beautiful too! It's easy to use, with three intensities and seven vibration settings, all at the touch of a button, and it adapts to your personal tastes and preferences.

So first a vibrator and now an accessory, but that's pleasure for you: there are no rules. Next in line is Kristine, a delicate vinyl mask which is super flexible and doesn't need tying as it adapts to your face with mini adhesives. It allows you to see perfectly without giving your identity away. And in spite of all the love I dedicate to each design, some things really do exceed your expectations, like seeing this mask at the Oscars. Back in 2015, the dancers accompanying The Weeknd dazzled in Kristine during his live performance of the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack. I nearly died! Yes, it was one of my favourite designs, but I never saw it as a 'winner'. And lo and behold…it won an Oscar!

Kim Kardashian and Désir Metallique:

Another euphoric moment was when Ms. Kim Kardashian West mentioned us on her blog. It was Valentine's Day and every online platform had listed its favourite gifts. I've never felt such a groupie: I subscribed to her blog, logged on and what did I find?! Our black Désir Metallique handcuff-bracelets there among her top Valentine's recommendations. I'm not sure how she got them, but it was amazing to see. Made with metallic mesh, they are super flexible and comfortable. And not only that, they have a dual use. The chain allows you to join them together and turn them into handcuffs, or if you prefer you can detach it and be left with two super feminine bracelets. I can't quite remember when we launched them, but they have always been up there with my favourites. The material and colour combination work so well. Black and gold…you can't go wrong!

Likewise, I can't talk about handcuffs without mentioning the Désir Metallique collar. A black metallic mesh choker with a delicate chain that wraps around your torso and, of course, hides a sexy secret: the central chain has clasps that allow it to be detached or connected to the handcuffs for a special, made-to-measure "playsuit".

"Sometimes covering our nipples can uncover exciting adventures".

Now, once you have the bracelets and choker in your box of tricks, you'll need some pasties to match. That's where Flash comes in. Don't get me wrong, I am all for "free the nipple" and I think bras are an instrument of patriarchy, but I'll leave that for another time (here's the link to a study that confirms that wearing a bra does nothing to stop sagging. Quite the opposite, in fact!). Sometimes covering our nipples can uncover exciting adventures. Whether in the privacy of your bedroom or to feel more at ease about that plunging neckline, these adhesive pasties are an amazing ally. They're also really comfortable and, as far as I'm concerned, superrrr sexy.

Another part of the female body I'm crazy about is the back. I find it so erotic. It's not as sexualised as the breasts or booty, but we all have our own preferences. The Magnifique back and cleavage chain is one of my favourite designs in the collection. And if your back isn't your favourite place to show off, you can turn it round and wear it with a low-cut top, a blazer without a shirt à la Cara Delevingne or over your favourite lingerie. It's my ode to backless, feminine sensuality.


Also in the Magnifique collection and another top seller, which I find superrrrr cool even just as jewellery, is the Magnifique whip necklace. That's right, punish with pleasure. The delicate chains work amazingly as a necklace, whip or a tool for head-to-toe caresses. You've got to try it. It's also really long and if you wear it sans clothes, the "tassels" will gently brush against your mons Venus. Okay, okay, I've got a lot of favourites. You can tell, right

Whoa, I've already mentioned over half the items in 12 SEXY DAYS...are you still there? :)

Let's talk about my most bondage moment yet: the MAZE collection. It was my goal to design a collection of harnesses, hand accessories, garters and much more, drawing inspiration from classic bondage. However, more often than not, these kinds of accessories are made from leather, and that was something I objected to. I stopped eating animals and wearing leather and fur a good few years ago (around six, I think) and that personal decision has influenced my work greatly. Maze is 100% vegan and, I'm proud to say, was awarded approved vegan status by PETA. This was another epic moment in my life as a designer and co-habitant of this planet (if this topic is of interest to you I'd recommend that you watch Cowspiracy. It's not sensationalist or anything, it just educates you on the environmental impact of our habits).

Back to MAZE, in 12 SEXY DAYS you'll find two super sexy classics as well as a reimagined classic.

First, some clips that hook onto your panties and stockings. Call me old school, but is there anything sexier than stockings and garters? Garters are one of my favourite lingerie accessories and I have countless different garter belts. Some lacy, some practical and some that I've created myself. They might not be the most comfortable for every day, but they look absolutely spectacular over some denim shorts or with your favourite lingerie.

Let's talk about the belt next. An accessory inspired by a trend that I adore: low-rise trousers and shorts. In this case, the belt hugs your waist and a clip attaches to your panties. Pair it with a crop top to complete the look. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to save it for the bedroom, wear it with your favourite panties and top it off with the garters. Once you've seen them together (click here!) you'll understand just how sexy they are.

"We all have around two square metres of skin. Imagine heightening your sense of touch by restricting your sight and exploring allll that skin with the gentle caresses of this tickler".

And last but not least, the final MAZE item: the tassel choker. This was an unexpected success, though it did show a lot of promise given its design and how comfortable and sexy it is. I wanted to create a choker that offered more than meets the eye: the perfect ally for bondage play as well as a statement fashion accessory. This choker hides not one but several secrets: it looks incredible with a plunging neckline, is super sexy over lingerie and turns into a whip in your hand. And let's not forget it can be used as a leash too. It is without a doubt one of my favourites in the MAZE collection.


Shhhh may be one of my oldest designs but it is still one of our bestsellers and one of your favourites. Use this long and silky soft blindfold to cover your eyes (did you know that when you deprive yourself of sight your other senses are heightened and you feel more?) and, since it's so long, it doubles up as a restraint to tie your hands. There is a different message on each side of the ribbon and let's just say it leads to lotsss and lotsss of fun.

Talking of touch and fun, our POM POM tickler is the perfect match for Shhhh. We all have around two square metres of skin. Imagine heightening your sense of touch by restricting your sight and exploring allll that skin with the gentle caresses of this tickler.

If you're still reading, I have only one secret left to share with you: 10 of these items were featured in the new Mario Casas series, Instinto. Yeah, sure, different strokes for different folks, but Mario Casas is one of my all-time favourite Spanish actors, even with clothes on, hahaha.

I hope you like it,


P.S.: This box also comes at a very special price, so you can get your hands on our most iconic products without breaking the bank. Use code SEXYBOX85 to get 12 Sexy Days for just €85! It's a steal.


Elsa Viegas is the co-founder and designer of Bijoux Indiscrets


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