Babes! Here are five ways to masturbate...

Masturbation is a sexual practice that we usually discover at the beginning of adolescence and, in some cases, even before the onset of puberty. The term essentially just means self-stimulation, but people have speculated about it throughout history, until it finally became what we know it as today: a healthy practice for self-awareness and pleasure.

Different ways to masturbate for women

We can obtain pleasure and achieve orgasm through stroking, rubbing and applying pressure to our erogenous zones without needing anyone else to take part, although masturbating as a couple or in a group is also possible. But today, in masturbation month, we're going to discuss five different ways you can touch yourself. Are you ready? 

Best ways to masturbate

  1. Clitoral pleasure

Some of us prefer to get straight to it and focus on what's important: pleasure. With no hesitation or looking back. In fact, the clit's 8,000 nerve endings have left such a mark on some women that they won't even consider any other form of self-pleasure. Why would they? Stroking, rubbing and pressing gently on the clitoris are just some of the ways you can masturbate to achieve orgasm. With or without lubricant, using one, two or more fingers, or even the palm of your hand… the goal is to stimulate it until a wave of pleasure blows you awaaahaaahaaahaaayyyy. Uffff.


  1. The periphery

Sure, the clit is great, but it's the safe option. There's no risk involved! You know what's..."coming"...and that's not as exciting. But what if you focus on your periphery? You have a whole body to explore; discover new pleasures and make them part of your usual practices. From your nipples (it's hard to know for certain, but Dr Herbert Otto estimated that 29% of women could achieve orgasm this way) to your abdomen and labia majora (although we prefer to call it external labia). Even if you don't climax, at least it gets things off to an exciting start. Have a go and find out how long you can last without taking the easy way out.

  1. Uhhh…

I bet you know about the G-spot, but what about the U-spot? The U-spot is located between the clitoris and vaginal opening, just where you'll find the urethral glands. And, as it turns out, it's an untold and unexpected place where you can obtain lots and lotssss of pleasure. Our advice is that you explore freely when you masturbate; don't focus on a single area. But if you are curious, stimulate this new pleasure point and see what happens... Will you let us know in the comments?

  1. Meditation!

That's right, we're going to make you relax and meditate. There'll be physical pleasure too, we promise! As well as a masturbation technique, we invite you to try this as a relaxation exercise. When you meditate or simply want to escape, cross your legs as you would in a yoga breathing posture, so that one of your heels (whichever you prefer or is more comfortable) touches your vulva. This is how the women of Lesu, Papua New Guinea, pleasure themselves—never manually—applying pressure and friction with their heels. Your hands will be free and you'll be able to explore as you please.

  1. Gratification with a capital G

Perhaps even more famous than the clitoris—though 8 in 10 women require clitoral stimulation to reach climax and there are many different ways for girls to masturbate —the G-spot is the best-known pleasure point on the female body, probably due to its association with penetration. Located about three inches inside the vagina, this famous "spot" is rough in texture and swells a little on stimulation. Best ways to masturbate your G-Spot: Have a go with your fingers, find it and massage it gently. You can also try combining all five ways to masturbate in whatever order you like. Say YES to pleasure!

We spoke about different ways to masturbate for women but we are curious, let us know, share we us the best ways to satisfy yourself sexually. We read you!



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