How to extend the life of your sex toys

Using them is not enough, you have to look after them too! Making you erotic toys last longer is easy and we’re going to tell you how. If you want to enjoy your favourite toy for years, save yourself from buying more toys and, also, show off your eco side, stick around! You and your sex toys will be so glad you did. 

Although there are a thousand and one ways to look after an erotic toy, keeping it like new so that it makes us happy for a very loooong, long time, we have gathered together the essential ones so that looking after it becomes part of your erotic routine. Whether you use toys for masturbation or sexual relations, bear these basic steps in mind and you’ll be able to have fun for years.


Choosing the toy

You will have certainly heard the expression “buy cheap pay dear”. If this is the first time you’ve read it, we can assure you it’s true: cheap investments turn out very expensive in the long run. And it’s not even all about the money, it’s also about the environmental. 

Not only will a poor-quality toy not guarantee you the pleasure you’re hoping for, but its lifespan will be much less than that of a mid-to-high-range toy. No matter how much care you take of it, it is condemned to obsolescence. And what does that mean? Materials which are difficult to recycle, such as ABS, jelly, rubber… not to mention the batteries. Materials which, furthermore, if not controlled after disposal are toxic to health because they contain phthalates, chemicals which are used to produce PVC, vinyl, or rubber. For this reason, the durability of a toy is super important: ensuring your pleasure goes on and on. Its working life can last for a looooong time if you look after it well, and the environment and your health will thank you for it. 


Cleaning you toy

Remember these words: After use, toys must always, always, ALWAYS be cleaned. What you clean it with will depend on the material it’s made out of, but something which is universal is that when you take your toy out – from wherever you keep it – it has to be nice and clean. 

For cleaning, we recommend following each manufacturer’s instructions. But since, in all likelihood, with the excitement of getting a new toy you haven’t even kept the box, we’re going to give you some basic tips for cleaning your erotic toy after it has been used and enjoyed.

  • Check if your toy is waterproof. If it isn’t, you should wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • Use a specific cleaner. There are soaps and sprays designed exclusively for the care of erotic toys. 
  • The alternative to a specific cleaning product is a neutral soap. Look for one which is sulphate and fragrance free.
  • For soaping and rinsing, use tepid water. If you are not sure about how resistant your toy is, tepid water is a safe bet. 
  • Cleaning the toy in boiling water: ONLY IF THE MANUFACTURER INSTRUCTS YOU TO DO SO.

Now there’s no excuse for not leaving your erotic toy gleaming like new.


Time to charge it up!

It goes without saying that you must charge your toys with the original charger ONLY. If you have lost it, you can probably acquire another of the same brand. As a last resort, you could use another charger but bear in mind the original type of port and transformer. 

The following basic rule for charging is to charge it when the battery has completely run out – or is about to – and remove it from the electrical current when it is completely charged. This will extend the life of the battery. 

Long periods without use weaken the battery. Try to at least turn on all of your toys once a month. Stop them deteriorating in a fun way: by using them!


Lubes you should and lubes you shouldn’t

If you’re here, it’s because you’re a Bijoux babe and, therefore, as much of an expert on lubes as we are – and it you aren’t, don’t worry, you soon will be. 

Using a lubricant with your toy is great, like totally great. In fact, it’s recommended for all types of toy, and especially for those designed for penetration! But beware, not all lubricants can be used with all types of toy.

If any of your toys is made from silicone, you CANNOT use a silicone-based lubricant. Although this lube lasts longer, it will ruin your toys because silicone and silicone don’t mix. In the long run it can degrade the silicone of your, and we wouldn’t want that. 

If you want to be sure you won’t ruin any of your toys and you’ll be able to keep using them with peace of mind, it’s best to use a water-based lubricant. 


Keep your toys safe and sound

The best way to store your toys would be to give each one its own individual bag. Toys tend to come with their own cover, but if not just wrap it in a cotton cloth and put it in the back of a drawer or box.

Remember to always keep them in cool places, away from excessive heat and humidity.

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