Make yourself a sexual roulette game with Bijoux Indiscrets products to enjoy at home with your partner

So often we buy ourselves a toy to try and spice up our sex life as a couple. This is especially true if it is a longstanding relationship. But our imagination and the ways in which we play with said toy don’t tend to stray far from the beaten track or the instructions for use.

Other couples resort to searching on the internet for online sexual games or alternative options with sex apps, trying to reignite the spark in their relationship. But the burning question is: does this really work?

Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. Trying to recover a connection between two people with just sex and toys does not always work. You would need to work out what it is within the relationship that has got you to the point of searching for sexual alternatives online.

If it is simply for fun, obviously this type of resource can add a whole new layer of enjoyment to the games you might propose to each other. If it’s the former, don’t hesitate to contact a sexologist for help, as this can have a really positive effect on what you already have and what you are working on.


Roulette game for couples

Regardless of where your relationship is at when you read this article, what we are trying to do here is give you one of the best resources we can offer for activating the imagination of both members of an erotic relationship. Create your own sexual roulette at home. One that is made to measure, exclusively for you both.

Just sitting down to plan the roulette could, in and of itself, end up being the start of a whole new connection. And by “new”, we mean: have you ever actually had this type of conversation? Sitting down to talk about what games you’ll play and how you’ll play them is superbly arousing. As well as being an incredible therapeutic tool for activating communication in couples.


Sexual roulette at home.

First let us clarify what we mean when we suggest a homemade roulette and how you can make on nice and simply. Roulette is roulette the whole world over, but this one is stands out because each section will contain a different erotic game-play option and different proposals from Bijoux Indiscrets.

You don’t need much to create it, just a simple format of spinning a pen on a sheet of paper will do, though if you fancy you can pull out all the stops by colouring it in and adding a spinning hand.

Essential elements to include in each section: A challenge, some rules, consequences, points, rewards, pleasures... Be creative, because that’s the key to it all.


What to include in the roulette from Bijoux Indiscrets

Here are our suggestions for what to include in the roulette, as well as some instructions for making it from scratch.

 Divide a circle into 5/6 sections, depending on how many options you want to include.

 Decide which product or toy will be in each section. To this you will need to add a play idea, rules, points... (you choose).

– Once made, it is as simple as spinning it so that each day brings a new game. What’s more, you can keep changing the roulette board as new things occur to you, making it even more exciting. So, for example, once you have indulged in one section you can remove it and replace it with something completely different.



  1. Product: Liquid vibrator. ; Game: Apply some before going on a date in a public place where it will be just the two of you or perhaps with other people. Challenge: If you can bear it until dessert, I will masturbate you before we go home in a public place. ; Rules: It must not be noticeable that you are turned on.
  2. Product: Wearable app-controlled Frida vibrator. Game: Put it in your pants before we go out to a party together. ; Challenge: Nobody must know you are wearing it. ; Rules: I can only press the button 4 times during the evening, but I decide when the vibration starts and for how long it lasts.
  3. Product: Nipple play gel. ; Game: I have to guess what you are drawing on me with my eyes closed. ; Challenge: I have to correctly identify at least 3 out of 5 shapes. ; Rules: If I don’t guess correctly, you can suggest what we play next.
  4. Product: Warming massage oil. ; Game: Body-on-body massage, using our whole body to massage the other. ; Challenge: It’s only going to be a massage. ; Rules: If one person gets turned on and wants to go further, they have to do what the other person demands.
  5. Product: Clitoral arousal serum. ; Game: We can only masturbate. ; Challenge: It’s only going to be masturbation. ; Rules: If one person gets turned on and wants to go further, they have to do what the other person demands.

The aim of this game is to reactivate complicity, communication, and connection in the partnership. Have fun throughout the process remembering that, above all, it must be consensual to really satisfy.

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