Naughty Christmas Gifts For Her

Christmas: a holiday that people all over the world love. And what an amazing time it is. The decorations, the Christmas markets, the good vibes, the celebrations, and—of course—gifts! 

And sure, getting a Christmas gift often means receiving socks that you really didn’t need or want, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Instead, let's liven up Christmas this year with presents that people actually want, shall we? A naughty Christmas gift, perhaps?

Naughty Christmas Gifts for Every Body

You get a naughty Christmas gift, you get a naughty Christmas gift, you get a naughty Christmas gift! Yes indeed, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, because sexual wellness is a basic need for everybody and every body. 

You see, sexuality is something to be adored and explored. And interestingly, sexuality is not just a way in which to experience pleasure (which is definitely a perk). It also comes with a ton of other mental and physical health benefits

Mentally, engaging in sexual activity—be it alone or with a partner—can increase self confidence, promote body acceptance and appreciation, boost serotonin which affects one’s mood and can lower depression, and boosts oxytocin… the love hormone. 

Physically, engaging in sexual activity—be it alone or with a partner—can reduce blood pressure, boost immunity, preserve heart health, strengthen muscles, and increase libido. 

Having said that, we’ve compiled a list of 25 naughty Christmas gifts that are swoon-worthy so that everyone can experience good health and tons of pleasure.

Whether you’re looking for something discreet or something more provocative, something for a friend, a lover, a family member or even a work colleague, there’s an adult present with someone’s name on it! 

We’re serving Christmas gifts for her, Christmas gifts for him, gender neutral naughty Christmas gifts, gifts NSFW, and sexual wellness presents worth talking about during your end-of-year festivities.

And for those on a budget, we’ve got you covered! Check out our list of 12 sexy gifts under 40€, because this year definitely calls for some sexiness. 

Sexual Wellness Naughty Christmas Gifts

Give the gift of sexual wellness because inevitably, it’s a gift associated with increased happiness, more pleasure, and better intimacy.

1. Orgasm Glow

Let it glow, let it glow, let it glow! Give the gift of an effortless glow and a rising libido with our Orgasm Glow Supplements. They’re a blend of natural ingredients that boost sexual arousal, improves sexual desire, and strengthens the immune system. 


They contain ashwagandha: natures anecdote for stress✔️ 

They contain zinc that reduces inflammation✔️

They contain damiana which increases libido✔️

They contain tribulus terrestris which improves sexual desire✔️

One jar comes with 60 capsules = 2 months supply✔️

2. Hyaluronic Acid Personal Lubricant 

A personal lubricant that’s highly hydrating, increasing the skin's moisture and elasticity. Give the gift of sensual penetration with reduced friction which, in itself, is a bout of sexiness.


It contains hyaluronic acid which has a number of skin benefits✔️ 

It’s vegan✔️

It’s pH balanced✔️

It can aid in repairing irritated skin✔️

3. Slow Sex Experience Box 

Experience it all with our Slow Sex Experience Box—a combination of sexual wellness items that prompt the connection between oneself, partners, and pleasure. It includes 11 full-size products, allowing the receiver of this naughty gift to go on all sorts of adventures. 


It contains products for a variety of activities; anal play, finger play, nipple play, and oral sex✔️

It contains products that are good for your hair and skin✔️

It contains massage oil for sensual nights in✔️

It comes with a tote bag and a travel pouch ✔️

4. Pleasure Boost with CBD Oil by Site

It does just what it suggests: boosts pleasure. With the help of CBD, blood flow increases and one can enjoy heightened sensitivity and relaxed muscles—the perfect combination for incredible experiences.


It enhances pleasure✔️

It’s free of THC (aka it’s not psychoactive)✔️

It’s made with 100% natural ingredients✔️

It’s allergy free✔️

It’s vegan✔️

5. Pelvic Balls

It may not look like the sexiest gift, but trust us—the results are definitely something to be desired. You see, pelvic balls help strengthen the pelvic floor which, in turn, creates the opportunity to experience bigger and stronger orgasms. An orgasm as a gift? Yes please! 


They’re made of ABS plastic which allows for more effective pelvic floor training✔️

It has an ergonomic design✔️

They’re easy to insert✔️

They’re ideal for maintaining and strengthening the pelvic floor for better orgasms✔️

Discreet Naughty Christmas Gifts

The perfect naughty Christmas gift for the more modest individuals. They’re mighty yet discreet, making them an excellent secret stocking stuffer.

6. Horoscope Pleasure Ritual

It’s discreet, yes, but it’s also an item that enhances the connection the user has with themselves. The Horoscope Pleasure Ritual was made with uniqueness in mind. It celebrates individuals according to their horoscope, and is actually a 3-in1 gift. It comes with a zodiac gemstone necklace, a warming effect balm, and a sleek and petite finger vibrator. 


It promotes sexual connection✔️

It’s a thoughtful gift as it is highly personal✔️

It allows the receiver to experiment with different sensations✔️

It comes in a beautiful and discreet triangular box✔️

7. Twenty One Vibrating Diamond

Is it a naughty Christmas gift? Yes. Is it discreet and gorgeous in appearance? Also yes! The Twenty One Vibrating Diamond is an external vibrator that fits in the palm of your hand. And while its purpose is pleasure, it surely doesn’t hurt that the design is elegant and luxurious too.


It provides precise stimulation✔️

It has 7 patterns and 3 intensities✔️

It’s rechargeable✔️

It’s petite in size✔️

8. Wearable Vibrator + APP by Vibio 

This wearable vibrator is big on pleasure and big on discretion. How so? It slips right inside of a vulva owner’s panties offering ultimate secrecy. A naughty Christmas gift that one can use alone hands-free or even better, with a partner with its Bluetooth capabilities. 


Made of flexible silicone✔️

It’s perfect for long distance couples using its app✔️

It comes with a range of audio erotic stories, challenges, and expert guides✔️

It has 5 settings✔️ 

9. Better Than Your Ex Vibrator

Utter simplicity that roars with sexual potential. The Better Than Your Ex  Vibrator is a finger bullet that’s subtle, small, yet powerful. Simply place it on the desired finger and press the button for some sexy solo play that is, well, better than your ex. 


It’s flexible and adapts to your finger✔️ 

It’s made of medical grade silicone✔️

It has 10 vibration modes✔️

It’s small in size, making it entirely discreet✔️

It’s easy to use, making it perfect for beginners✔️

10. Aphrodisia Scented Massage Candle

Innocent in appearance yet oh so sensual, this discreet naughty Christmas gift stimulates three of the five senses—sight, smell, and touch. It’s a beautiful massage candle that provides an intimate setting with its warm glow, creates a soothing massage oil once burned, and has the erotic scent inspired by the Kama Sutra. Perfect for couples who love foreplay. 


It contains a combination of ylang-ylang, jasmine, and oriental spices✔️

It’s sets a sensual mood✔️

It prompts the power of touch✔️

It encourages foreplay✔️

It fills the air with a lustful scent✔️ 

Naughty Christmas Gifts on the Provocative Side

For those who love everything about their sexuality and are ready to shout it from the rooftops, these more provocative gifts are loud and proud, and ready to take anyone on a thrilling ride of bliss.

11. NUO Vibrating Butt Plug

This adult gift is big on seduction! It’s a gender neutral pleasure product that provides anyone with precise anal stimulation given its curved shaft. It also has two vibration points for internal and external stimulation, ensuring full euphoria. Slip into something more comfortable either solo or with a lover.


It can be controlled via an app✔️

It’s waterproof✔️

It’s vegan✔️

It’s flexible and bendable to work with the contours of the body✔️

It has a flat base ensuring safety✔️

12. TIANI 3 Couples’ Massager

The TIANI 3 is so much more than a sexual wellness product. It’s something that can increase intimacy between partners and provide an overall feeling of well-being. This couples’ massager is worn by her and gives off internal and external stimulation. What’s even more fun is that it can be worn during penetrative sex or just for the thrill of it. An added bonus? It comes with a remote control, so the receiver could allow their partner to take their pleasure into their own hands.


It’s petite and versatile✔️

It’s an award-winning couples’ vibrator✔️

It’s waterproof✔️

It comes with a remote that has Sense Motion technology (simply flick the wrist to adjust intensity)✔️

It’s firm yet flexible✔️

It stimulates the G-spot✔️

13. Magnifique Necklace Whip

When we say go for gold, we don’t just mean figuratively! This exciting gold accessory from our Magnifque line is erotically charged and desirable, and has two functions. One, it can be worn as a necklace on a night out, and two, it turns into a whip that punishes with pleasure.


It’s a subtle way to flirt with BDSM✔️

It’s a sensual piece of jewelry to add to an outfit✔️

It feels sultry in the hands✔️

It gives the wearer a feeling of empowerment✔️

14. MAZE Wide Belt and Restraints 

With this naughty Christmas gift, looks are deceiving. Upon first glance, you may imagine that this provocative accessory is simply a three-harness belt that looks great with an outfit. Alas, that’s not all it is. It also has a middle harness that can be detached from the belt. Pass it through the front ring and voila, two wrist restraints! 


It’s a 2-in-1 accessory and play product✔️

It’s stylish✔️

It looks seemingly innocent✔️

It’s a way to experience power play (submissiveness/dominance)✔️

It’s made of vegan materials✔️

15. MAZE Wide Choker and Leash

Give the gift of living out a fantasy! The Wide Choker and Leash from MAZE is a sultry and erotic naughty gift for the more daring people in your life. The choker is worn around the neck and gives off an arousing look with any outfit, sure. But when you add in the detachable leash… wow! A highly sexual and titling piece of bondage gear that’s fun to wear in public or during play time. 


It’s a 2-in-1 fashion piece and bondage prop✔️

It can promote experimenting and fantasy fulfillment✔️

It’s PETA approved✔️

It’s entirely sexy✔️

Naughty Christmas Gifts for Her

Vulva owners, it’s your time to shine. This list of naughty Christmas gifts for her could just be the best gift your vulva-owning friend, family member, lover or other has ever received. 

16. Personal Massager

If you’d like to give someone special a naughty present that is subtle, beautiful, and empowering, this personal massager is it. It’s a pleasure product that is not in-your-face, intimidating, or difficult to use but instead, calming on the eye and radiates sexual joy. Created for external use, gliding this sweet treat across the body and on erogenous zones is nothing but a treat.


It works with only one button✔️

Perfect for beginners✔️

Made of high grade silicone✔️

Easily adapts to the users anatomy✔️ 

It’s rechargeable✔️ 

17. SILA Sonic  Massager

For many vulva owners across the world,  stimulation is the key to achieving orgasm. And what LELO has done is create a  massager that uses a suction action to stimulate more of the clitoris than any other kind of vibrator, giving the gift of orgasmic bliss. 


SILA is more gentle than the SONA, making it great for those who are more sensitive✔️

It’s made of body safe silicone✔️

It uses sonic waves to boost arousal✔️ 

It’s rechargeable✔️

It’s waterproof✔️

18. LELO Enigma Dual Vibrator

Double trouble it is! ENIGMA is an adult gift that ticks all of the boxes.  stimulation via suction, tick! G-spot stimulation, tick! Basically, if you want to shower your vulva-owning loved one with blended orgasms that’ll make their knees weak, we highly recommend the LELO ENIGMA.


It stimulates both the clitoris and the G-spot simultaneously✔️

It uses sonic waves to stimulate the clitoris, even if there is no direct contact✔️

It stimulates more of the clitoris than what is seen✔️

It’s rechargeable✔️

It’s waterproof✔️

It’s flexible✔️ 

19. UMA G-Spot Vibrator

Sleek and sexy, UMA is here to promote delicious G-spot orgasms for vulva owners. And its design ain’t bad either (it was a finalist in the Spark Design Awards 2015). To use UMA means to enjoy Je Joue’s signature rumbles while having the ability to contour the toy for precise stimulation. 


It stimulates the G-spot effortless with its curved design✔️

It can be used externally too✔️

It has five speeds and 7 patterns✔️

It’s rechargeable✔️ 

It’s waterproof✔️ 

It’s vegan✔️

20. Saktion Indian Jade Dildo 

It may be considered a naughty adult gift but really, it’s a channel in which to release all of the powerful sexual energy that resides in all of us. Using this natural jade crystal wand turns any solo sessions into an act of self-love and self-care. Plus, it can be used to massage the entire body in order to unleash the Goddess within you.


Made with pure Indian jade✔️

No chemicals are used in the process✔️

It creates a body-mind connection that’s fuelled with care and love✔️

It simply radiates loving and lustful energy✔️

Naughty Christmas Gifts for Him

Yay for naughty Christmas gifts for him! We know it can sometimes be hard to find the perfect gift for penis owners, but stress no more because there’s always something saucy to give the men in your life.

21. Warning Massage Gel

Many believe that penetration and climax is the goal of intimacy. It’s really not. In fact, foreplay can sometimes be even better than those two things. Foreplay is also a way in which to build up sexual tension, and to create a comfortable space before other sexual acts take place. Give the gift of intimate foreplay with this Warming Massage Gel made to light a fire within you. It feels soft and sleek, it has a coconut aroma, and it’s kissable!


It’s compatible with most sex toys✔️

It has a warming effect when one blows on it✔️

It taps into the element of touch, which is highly erotic✔️

It’s a way in which to experiment with temperature play✔️

22. LELO TOR 2

Put a ring on it… a penis ring that is! The TOR 2 is an adult gift that has tons of benefits. And we know what you’re thinking: these types of products are only used for erectile dysfunction… not true! In fact, sexual wellness today includes penis rings for enhanced sexual intimacy. The TOR 2 not only vibrates giving both partners pleasure during penetrative sex, but also gives the wearer bigger and stronger erections. It’s an absolute win-win!


It’s flexible in design and adapts to all sizes✔️

It’s great for partnered play✔️

It has more power and less noise✔️

It’s waterproof✔️

It’s rechargeable✔️

23. LELO HEX Condoms

We know, giving condoms as a naughty Christmas gift doesn’t sound all that sexy, does it? But it can be when it’s the LELO HEX Condoms! These condoms are different from the rest in that they’re made using a hexagon structure—the thinnest and strongest structure known to science. In other words, it’s super thin in a way that stimulation and sensation isn’t compromised.


They reduce slippage✔️

They’re ultra thin✔️

They’re composed of 350 small hexagons✔️ 

They’re a two-time award winner✔️

24. Oral Sex Balm

A naughty gift for him and her! The Oral Sex Balm is a tasty coconut flavored treat that feels amazing during oral sex. It’s an erotic naughty Christmas gift for those who love giving and receiving oral, and for those who are coupled up and ready to experiment with new sensations. 


It has a cooling and gliding effect✔️

It has a coconut taste and aroma✔️ 

It’s compatible with most sex toys✔️

It reduces friction✔️

It’s hydrating✔️

25. Four Play Lubricant Experience Box

Foreplay is better with the Four Play Lubricant Experience Box! It’s true that all lubes aren’t created equally. Some are better for certain sexual acts, some have certain effects, some are for more sensitive users, and so on. So why not give the gift of versatility this Christmas? This experience box comes with four different types of lubricants, each unique and special.


Experiment with a coconut water-based lube for a touch of sexy aroma✔️

Experiment with a neutral water-based lube for the more simple moments✔️

Experiment with a hyaluronic water-based lube that’s hydrating and great for the skin✔️

Enjoy better, wetter, and more pleasurable sexual experiences✔️

Feeling curious and/or spoiled for choice? We know, this list of naughty presents can be overwhelming in the fact that, well, they’re all pretty incredible. But hey, no one is stopping you from buying a naughty Christmas gift for yourself this year… wink, wink. Happy holidays!

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