The Results Are in: We Know Who is Having the Most Orgasms!

Companies, brands, and individuals worldwide are working hard to close the orgasm gap. In other words, it’s a fairly well-known fact that vulva owners find it more difficult to achieve orgasm than penis owners. But genitals aside, what does the orgasm gap look like when we factor in one’s sexual orientation, location, and preference?

Well, there’s a lot of research that’s been done which takes a look at who is having the most orgasms. So we decided to gander at these various studies to compile the results according to various categories. Where do you fall on this orgasm scale?

Vulva Owners vs. Penis Owners: Who is Having the Most Orgasms?

For context: in a 2010 study, it was found that roughly 40 percent of vulva owners are living with Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD). And a 2013 study found that around 43 percent of vulva owners experience it. Common symptoms of FSD can include vaginal dryness, pain and discomfort during penetrative sex, less arousal, and difficultly achieving orgasm. 

Not only that, but vulva owners “have higher body dissatisfaction than penis owners, and it interfers with their sex life more,” said Dr. David Frederick, assistant professor of psychology at Chapman University. “There is more stigma against vulva owners initiating sex and expressing what they want sexually,” he added.

These are not favourable facts and statements. And knowing this makes it even easier to believe what Frederick has proven to be true: that all groups of penis owners, whether they’re gay, bisexual, or heterosexual, orgasm more than all groups of vulva owners.

And even though we’re working hard to put more focus on foreplay and pleasure as opposed to marking an orgasm as the “end” of play time, it appears as though vulva owners have the shorter end of the stick when it comes to experiencing climax.

Heterosexual, Bisexual, and Homosexual: Who is Having the Most Orgasms?

Note: we do realise the shortcomings of this research, conducted in a 2018 study in the U.S., pertaining to the fact that it focuses only on heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual individuals as opposed to other members of the LGBTQIA community.

In this study, Frederick and his team analysed over 52,000 people who identified as either heterosexual, gay, or bisexual. The results, again, are unsurprising in the fact that penis owners were mostly likely to say that they usually always orgasm during sexual intimacy. The study found that 95 percent of heterosexual penis owners almost always orgasm during sexual activity, followed by 89 percent of gay penis owners, and 88 percent of bisexual penis owners.

After this, the study concluded that lesbian vulva owners were more likely to orgasm (86 percent), followed by bisexual vulva owners at 66 percent, and finally, heterosexual vulva owners at 65 percent.

What’s interesting in this research is that vulva owners who enjoyed the following acts of sexual intimacy were likely to orgasm more frequently:

  • received more oral sex
  • had longer durations of sexual intimacy
  • were more satisfied with their relationship in general
  • asked for what they wanted in bed
  • engaged in deep kissing
  • engaged in things like fantasy fulfillment, dirty talk, and acts of foreplay

Which Country is Having the Most Orgasms?

And then, let’s look at a different factor in the consideration of who is having the most orgasms, shall we? Which country in the world is experiencing all kinds of sexual bliss on the regular? 

According to a study of over 2,000 participants from 21 different countries, sex toy brand LELO found that the magic tends to happen more so in Norway, with 35 percent of Norweigan participants claiming to orgasm at least once a day. Adversely, it appears as though Germany is having the fewest orgasms, with just under three percent of participants revealing that they had never experienced climax at all. But wait, there’s more…

Which Countries Are Having the Most Intense Orgasms?

In a close tie, Chile, Italy, and Spain are apparently having the most intense orgasms, with 10 to 13 percent of participants rating the quality of their orgasms in the highest percentiles. 

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Australians appeared to be experiencing less intense orgasms, with two percent of respondents rating their climaxes a one out of out 10 (much higher than any other country in the survey).

Which Country Orgasms the Loudest?

With 65 percent of Brazilians admitting to be screamers in the bedroom, it’s more than clear that Brazil orgasms the loudest. The second loudest goes to the lovers over in Norway, at just under 40 percent. 

On the other hand, the Portuguese are said to be the most modest during the height of climax, with 42 percent claiming that they’re usually very quiet.

How Can Individuals and Couples Close the Orgasm Gap?

Now that we’re more aware of the orgasm gap, particularly between vulva owners and penis owners, how can individuals and couples work towards closing it? Here are some ideas:

  • Engage in introspection that allows you to look at and possibly reexamine gender and social constructs that you were taught growing up
  • Prioritise your pleasure
  • Communicate your sexual needs to your partner
  • Challenge myths you believe about orgasms and sexuality
  • Masturbate to get to know your anatomy and what you like
  • Challenge the idea that sex equals penetrative sex
  • Use sex toys and sexual wellness products in the bedroom for longer periods of foreplay
  • Realise that intimacy is not over once a penis owner orgasms
  • Take time to enjoy the journey without placing all of the focus on achieving climax

5 Benefits of Having an Orgasm Every Day

Just for good measure, we thought we’d add in a little anecdote concerning the benefits of having an orgasm daily. Yes, daily, whether you’re having partnered fun or solo self-care sessions!

It’s time to break the stigma, shame, or guilt that some attach to pleasure, and to experience all of the wonderful bliss that comes with orgasming every day.

1. Feel-Good Hormones

During climax, we experience a rush of powerful feel-good hormones, like oxytocin and dopamine. These hormones not only make us feel happy and relaxed, but also bring about a stronger bond or sense of intimacy with our partners. At the same time, having an orgasm can lower your levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Had a bad day at work? Have an endless list of things to do and are spinning with anxiety? An orgasm has the ability to create a sense of calmness and peace that’s absolutely blissful.

2. Increased Sex Drive

It’s true that penis owners tend to have a higher sex drive than vulva owners. And this may lead to vulva owners in a heterosexual relationship having more sex than what they’d like. Of course, if one isn’t in the mood, it’ll make it that much harder to orgasm. But in a strange turn of events, it’s true that having sex actually increases your desire to have more sex. To help achieve arousal, it’s a great idea to actively do things that will make you aroused, instead of waiting to become aroused. 

3. Orgasms Can Facilitate Mindfulness 

Our sexual journey, be it via masturbation or playing with a partner, has the power to take us out of our heads and place focus on the pleasure that’s taking place. And while it’s true that many people do find themselves less engaged because they’re in their own heads, practicing the ability to stay present and to pay attention to what’s taking place at that moment could facilitate more mindfulness during intimacy and beyond.

4. Increased Circulation for Better Physical Health

During an orgasm, there is an increase in pelvic floor circulation which helps distribute nutrients and hormones where your body needs them. Of course you could do pelvic floor exercises, or you could engage in sports or activities that prompt the movement of the pelvis (like hula hooping, for example), but orgasming is arguably way more pleasurable than all of the above.

5. Getting That Orgasm Glow

While we’ve already mentioned that orgasming has the ability to lower levels of the stress hormone, it also has the power to reduce the amount of oil production. When there is an increase in oil, one’s skin can become clogged, which can lead to inflammation and breakouts. This essentially means that when one orgasms, they release less cortisol, which equals to less stress and glowing skin.

And so, now that you’re in-the-know when it comes to who is having the most orgasms, as well as the many benefits of enjoying them, isn’t it time to up the ante and work towards closing the orgasm gap? After all, we all deserve delicious orgasms, wouldn’t you agree? 

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