VEGAN IS SEXY: 5 reasons why it's sexy to treat animals as friends

Do you know how sexy it is to take care of the environment? And to treat animals as your friends? No? Well, here are five reasons why being vegan in bed is also superrrrr hot.

You're the wild one!

We can't deny it: leather makes everything look that little bit more erotic. Grrrrrr… am I right? Bold, wild, powerful...a leather goddess! Yes, it's all very empowering right up until you realise you're wearing an animal corpse and you start asking yourself whether it's really worth it. Shouldn't the wildest thing about your look be you? Vegan leather is almost identical to the real thing and no one has been harmed so you can look good. The benefits are endless!


No regrets

When people are at peace with themselves it shows. Let's not kid ourselves, the information is out there. And if you haven't heard that pigs have the same IQ as a three-year-old child or that cows are condemned to give birth time and time again so that they continue to produce milk, well, you've been living under a rock. Social consciousness has a positive impact, wouldn't you agree? So now that you've got the stats, surely you'd prefer to have no regrets?


It's not just you

There are those who think of others and those who don't. Do you like people who stand for something besides their own wellbeing? You know, people who will defend any cause, no matter how small, who feel they should rectify the world's injustices with their actions? Well, you can be one of those people too. No matter how small your effort, it will make a difference. And that, my friend, is very sexy.


Clean in every sense

I doubt you'd sleep with someone whose house was a tip, with rubbish all over the floor, clutter everywhere and dirt in every nook and cranny. So why do it with someone who does the same to the planet? Yes, I know, we're all guilty, but now that we're aware of it, we can take steps to be that bit cleaner. Do you know what wearing leather involves? Chemical processes left, right and centre to make the hide and thousands of litres of water. So you're not only supporting murder, you're wreaking havoc on the environment too.



Consent is your motto

Did you ask the animal if it wanted to take part in your games? No? Consent applies to everyone. I'm not sure you should abandon that sexy quality of yours, which you've implemented with all of your partners thanks to your in-depth knowledge of emotional and sexual relationships, just to wear leather. Do you feel me? I don't know, think about it.


Now that you know all this and you want to start living your life as a dedicated and SEXIER person, we've got a few tips to help you tackle the animal cause. Will you reach expert-level? Take a look and see!


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