10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for 25€ or Less, No Matter Your Relationship Status!

Valentine’s Day is not just a celebration for partners! It’s also the perfect opportunity to celebrate yourself and all of the self-love and power you possess. We believe that love and intimacy go hand-in-hand, but you need not be coupled up to enjoy the benefits of these magical things. 

So this Valentine’s Day, we’ve decided to think outside of the box. We’re catering to singletons, friends with benefits, lovers, partners, spouses, and friends because we should all take advantage of the kind of happiness that sexual wellness brings.

10 Valentine’s Gifts for 25€ or Less…

We’ve rounded up our top 10 Valentine’s Day gifts for all kinds of Valentines. The seductresses, mistresses, spiritual queens, oral sex lovers, and even the anti-Valentines. 

Whether you are in love or lust with someone, or simply in love or lust with yourself, here are 10 Valentine’s Day gifts for 25€ or less, making this holiday accessible and a pleasure to celebrate, no matter your budget or relationship status.


For the Valentine Who’s…

1. A Mistress of Seduction

Bring a touch of fiery desire to your seduction game with a Metallic Mesh Collar from Désir Métallique (25€). This gorgeous soft bondage accessory adds an instant element of lustre and passion to any outfit, or can be used for some spicy play with a partner. Feel its cool metal chains drape across your torso and around your waist, complimenting your curves and making you feel like a true mistress of seduction.


2. A Safe yet Sensational Partner

Want to enjoy all of the perks of lovemaking while being safe? The LELO HEX Condoms (19.90€) are award-winning and have a unique design that uses 350 individual hexagonal cells and ultra-thin panels for thinness and strength combined. In layman's terms, these condoms allow the wearer to play safe without compromising on stimulation. A real-feel experience for those who err on the side of caution and passion.


3. The Best at Sensual Massages

Foreplay is one of the most sensual activities for partners or solo players to enjoy. It’s a way to ease into pleasure while allowing your levels of arousal to rise, creating the perfect scene for all kinds of play. And massages are an excellent way to get someone all riled up for bliss. A sensual and/or erotic massage has the power to induce relaxation, raise one’s libido, and reduce stress or anxiety, preparing their body and mind for other bouts of play. The Bijoux Indiscrets Full Body Massage (19.95€) is silky smooth, emits an exotic coconut scent, and is perfect for body-to-body stimulation. Plus, it’s compatible with latex condoms and sex toys.


4. An Anti-Valentine’s Day Fan

You know where your clitoris is (unlike your ex)… and you know how to massage it until you’re ready to moan in ecstasy. The Bijoux Indiscrets Better Than Your Ex Clitoral Vibrator (15.00€) was made for those who are happily enjoying their own body and ready to explore new heights of pleasure. It’s a vibrator that brings about self-love and showers one with self-care, like a celebration of body positivity. There’s no need to couple up this Valentine’s Day with the Better Than Your Ex Vibe!


5. A Cunnilingus Connoisseur

Swipe up for more, swipe right for a match… and no, we aren’t talking about the endless slew of dating apps and social media platforms! With the Bijoux Indiscrets Swipe Remedy Oral Sex Mints (9.00€), even swiping down or left will be a win! These sugar-free mints have been made for those who absolutely adore giving cunnilingus, creating a cooling effect for both partners during foreplay. Simply pop one in your mouth before devouring your partner and feel the exciting contrast of the mint’s coolness and your lover’s vulva.


6. An Oral Sex Enthusiast

Taste the deliciousness of coconut in your mouth before you give your partner the best felatio of their life. The Bijoux Indiscrets Oral Sex Balm (14.95€) is pure decadence and enhances arousal, reduces friction, and gives off a gentle cooling effect. Put it in your mouth and feel the sexy contrast of coolness and warmth, and glide into a sexual euphoria that’ll leave your lover smiling from ear to ear. Another perk? It’s compatible with erotic toys, and can be used for cunnilingus too.


7. A Shimmering Queen

Shine, shimmer, and sparkle like the true queen you are! This Valentine’s Day, treat your body to the Dry-Touch Intimate Shimmer Oil from Bijoux Indiscrets (19.95€). It’s a hydrating and highlighting serum that’s been specially formulated for skin and hair, and has a delicious coconut aroma. Use it to highlight your sexiest spots, such as your pubic area, glutes, and hair, and look and feel like absolute royalty.


8. A Spiritual Goddess 

Self-doubt is out, self-love is in! It’s time to feel empowered and truly unique by celebrating yourself this Valentine’s Day and beyond. We believe that sexuality is directly connected to one’s physical, mental, spiritual, and creative wellbeing. For that reason, we’ve carefully created the Horoscope Pleasure Ritual (25€), which encompasses all the tools you need to embrace your own power. It comes with a necklace encasing your own zodiac gemstone, a finger vibrator to discover your most pleasurable zones, and a clitoral balm with a warming and arousing effect that’s been fragranced with the aroma of your element (water, fire, earth, or air). Make time for yourself… you’re worth it.


9. A Hot and Spicy Lover


If you like things muito caliente, you’ll love the Warming Massage Oil with Bubblegum aroma (22€). This firework-inducing gel gives off a silky feeling on your skin while heating things up. It’s a smooth and warm pleasure product that fills the air with sweet and intense aroma, and can be used for sensual massages and oral spicy play. 


10. A Hands-On Partner

Get handsy with the Bijoux Indiscrets Finger Play Gel (14.95€). This seductive sexual wellness product helps prolong arousal, erections, and natural lubrication, making it the perfect treat for masturbation or foreplay with a partner. It’s a water-based glide that contains nourishing and hydrating aloe vera, and smells of delicious coconut. Use it to stimulate the clitoris, vulva or penis, and prepare for a journey to see the stars!

So, whatever kind of Valentine you identify with, we hope you’ve found something swoon-worthy to spoil yourself or your partner with. After all, sexual satisfaction is essential for overall good health and happiness!


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