3 date ideas that are romantic and sexual!

Valentine’s Day just around the corner, and no plans? No need to strain your brain: at Bijoux Indiscrets we’ve got 3 date plans that are both romantic and super sexy to help you have a memorable and very pleasurable soirée.

Original, fun, sexy and very pleasurable: that’s what your Valentine’s plan could be. If you’re lost for ideas on how to celebrate the day or you just want to surprise your partner with something a little different, you’re in the right place.

Read on for 3 romantic and sexy plans for Saint Valentine’s Day:


“Blind” date

Yes, you can go on a blind date if you so desire, but you can also spend some literally “blind” time with your Valentine.

Imagine a buffet of gourmet delights on an exquisitely decorated table. Then imagine that you maintain an air of mystery by covering the food but adding candles and music to accompany the delicious smells given off by the banquet as appetites mount. But make sure you prepare all of this without your partner watching.

When the agreed time arrives, seat your partner and cover their eyes with a blindfold. The feast is about to commence, and they can’t see anything!

By removing their ability to see, two things occur: The rest of their senses will become more acute (such as taste and smell), and their imagination will start to soar. Make them sample everything on offer – with your help – and allow time for them to really discover the ingredients, getting them to describe the flavours and textures.


A steamy amuse-bouche?: Let’s go a step further. Once your partner has savoured the meal and practiced distinguishing flavours and textures, move on to the next course of gourmet delights: you! Add cream, chocolate or a lubricant or massage oil to the part of your body you most want them to devour. Let your partner experiment and try to guess the secret ingredient and which part of the body it is.


Fancy an aphrodisiac dinner? Here’s a menu full of aphrodisiacs for your sexy night.

Bubbles of passion

Not everyone has a bathtub or wants to use it, but everyone can opt for a bubbly moment of gentleness and beautiful aromas.

Forget about going to a spa where getting (too) romantic and hot is frowned upon – and also forbidden – and create your own spa at home, with all the freedom that implies. Candles, incense, essential oils in a scent diffuser, rose petals, lavender, bath salts, creams and massage oils… Whatever you like. Add soft lighting, relaxing music and enjoy!


You could run a bath to share or give each other a steamy shower, play with the foam on each other’s body, gently massage the scalp, help rinse off the soap… And afterwards a luscious layer of cream or oil all over from head to toe. What happens next is your business.



The classic DMB combo

The classic DMB combo: dinner, movie, bed. Not highly original, for sure, but very effective. And sometimes there is magic in simplicity.

For the dinner? Something meaningful: either a restaurant from one of your first dates or one you have wanted to go to for a while and for whatever reason haven’t managed to.

The cinema? A lively film (no heavy dramas) but with a mysterious edge. If you go to the midnight screening you can enjoy some intimacy… but don’t go too far! The really hot stuff is for later.

The bed? Here we’re going to change it up a bit as, although this is a classic date, you can always add a different touch. Try something new. You don’t need to prepare a completely original night of passion, but you can certainly add a little something out of the ordinary. How about some nipple play? Try out a little bondage? What about taking oral sex up a notch? After all, there is plenty to explore.

Worked out which one is your favourite Valentine’s date night?

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