3 exercises to boost your feminine sexual energy

It’s not just in this century, but throughout this whole era, that we have become disconnected from our sexuality, from our feminine sexuality. Because it has been more than 3,000 years since female nature and sexuality was repressed in the West. When the accepted perspective on, and worship of, all things feminine was exchanged for the ideas that we maintain to this day regarding coitus, reproduction, and masturbation. 

Three things that tend to be associated, due to lack of sexual education and our history and culture (in general), with speed and masculine action energy. And which have become increasingly distanced from slow pace, from the energy of creation. Just as the earth has, so has womankind. 

The energy to give life. The energy of everything slow, sensual, and erotic. This is how we changed from worshiping feminine energy, to not even engaging it at all in an erotic encounter. Pleasure, the idea of what pleasure was all about, became intermingled with the duty of procreation, and based on the pleasure of men to give shape to what we now know as “fucking”. With the notion that we still carry around: “We had to pander to them, because only this way could we achieve pleasure, recognition and worth.”

NB: If you are a man, you also have female energy. Because all of us have action energy and creation energy. Because, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, you have a mixture of masculine and feminine in your body. And you can nurture and empower them, regardless of your genitals.

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The feminine energy that we lost

There are things that we don’t know about feminine energy because that knowledge was stolen from us. We don’t know many things about how a woman’s body works because no-one has every fully studied coitus and reproduction, and the effect they have on our bodies. 

And that is why we are ignorant about how menstruation, for instance, works or influences our energy. Because a) studying feminine energy is not something clinical or scientifically based, and so it’s not of any interest (and the sad thing is that there is no data because it hasn’t been studied, like a dog chasing its own tail) and b) it’s something which only affects women and, as a rule, when that is the case, all scientific or investigative interest disappears.

Did you know this? Here is more information: continuing with the example of menstruation, it has only ever been studied for when people couldn’t get pregnant and wanted to or, in cases to the contrary, when you didn’t want to have children. Which is when measures have been taken to supress menstruation. But... without studying how these hormones affect our body. 

Because the objective, once again, is for us to be able to fuck and for men to be able come inside us without any worries, no thought spared for how contraceptive pills affect our body. And what’s more, the feminine energy provided to us by the menstrual cycle itself has barely ever been even contemplated. In fact, there are those who still believe that menstruation only lasts for the period of bleeding.

Recovering our wisdom

For that reason, it is important that women seize the reins and recover that wisdom about, and power over, our own bodies. And, for this to happen, the first idea that we have to get into our heads is that we are sexual beings and, as such, our life revolves around our sexual impulses, our eroticism, and our energy. The more we know about ourselves and our body, the more we will enjoy and the more we will be able to offer. 

To this end, here are some fundamental exercises for raising awareness of the feminine energy inhabiting our bodies, and for getting said energy flowing. Obviously, if this is the first time you’re doing it, don’t be frustrated if it doesn’t work straight away. Give yourself time to connect and improve the skill.

How to make the most of your sexual energy in 3 steps

1. Connect: Massage your breasts 

Not only to discover and explore yourself, but also to get your plexus energy moving, the energy which comes from our chest, and which nourishes others when we breastfeed. Stimulating yourself with a massage will help you relax and connect with yourself, and with your pleasure. 

We are not used to being the ones who stimulate our breasts. That’s why, recovering this energy that we tend to only offer to others is a good starting point for taking it back for ourselves.

2. Create: Send your energy to the uterus 

Through intention and visualisation, combined with breathing, we can manage to send this energy downwards. To connect it with the uterus, the vagina, and the vulva. 

An exercise that usually works, even if it’s the first time, is to sit on the floor with your knees slightly raised and the soles of your feet flat on the floor. 

If you want, you can support yourself by putting your hands behind you for more balance. Once you get into position, move your hips in circles following your breathing, to one side and then to the other. 

3. Expand: Send the energy to the rest of your body 

The last step is to connect the sensation in the chest with that in the uterus, vagina, and vulva, and then send it to the head. The idea is to transfer information and energy so that your head, in connection with the other areas, can spread the sensation to the rest of your body.

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