Let’s Talk About CBD Oil for Female Arousal!

There’s a massive rise in CBD (cannabinol) use right now. And this is because it’s been said to treat an array of health conditions.

Today however, the big question is: can CBD oil increase sexual arousal in females? And the short answer is: yes! 

Why is that? We’ll dive right in! Follow us for some useful tips on how to increase female arousal using CBD oil.

CBD Oil for Female Arousal

Believe it or not, CBD oil has proven to be heaven-sent when it comes to female arousal. And in more ways than one… 

In fact, there are various ways in which CBD oil contributes to an overall feeling of sexual satisfaction and female arousal.

From less anxiety, less inflammation, increased blood flow, more clitoral sensitivity, better sleep, and more, we’ll get into all the reasons why you may want to consider CBD oil for female arousal.

But before we begin: are you unsure of what CBD is? Or why has it become a craze of late?

What is CBD and How Does it Work? 

CBD, as we mentioned, stands for cannabinol. It’s a chemical oil in the cannabis sativa plant (also known as ‘cannabis’ or ‘hemp’). 

This plant actually has over 80 chemicals in it, with its most popular ingredient being THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). When ingested, THC can cause one to feel high, as it has a psychoactive compound. 

CBD on the other hand does not cause a person to get high. But it does, as we mentioned, come with a variety of health benefits. 

With that, how does CBD work? Well, according to Edward-Elmhurst Health, CBD interacts with receptors in the central nervous system. 

When this happens, many experience a calming effect. Others have found that CBD has helped them to manage chronic pain, reduce anxiety, treat insomnia, help with PTSD, and more… 

cbd oil for female arousal

Does CBD Oil Help Sexually?

Does CBD oil help with sex? Well, it’s evident from what we’ve mentioned above that: yes, it does! 

Even though CBD oil has gained more popularity in the realm of anxiety, sleep, and stress, there is another reason to love CBD oil… it helps sexually! In fact, it has sexual benefits for both men and women.

For men, it can help with erectile dysfunction because it’s been said to promote blood flow to the genitals. For women, the exact same thing can be true: blood flows to the genitals, creating more sensitivity and susceptibility to pleasure. 

Alas, today’s topic is all about the fairer sex… aka, women. That, and how CBD oil benefits them sexually.

How Can You Experience CBD Oil Benefits Sexually?

While there are benefits of CBD oil that are directly related to the genitals, there are also some benefits that simply help as a byproduct in order to enjoy and bask in great sexual experiences. 

So, what are the sexual benefits of CBD? Here are five huge ones when it comes to a woman’s sexuality and arousal… 

CBD Oil and relaxation

CBD Oil for Relaxation

We all know that many individuals need some time to become relaxed and comfortable during intimacy. That is why foreplay is so important for many women. It’s a way in which to feel present in their bodies and to become more aroused. 

So what does CBD have to do with all of this? CBD oil has an anxiety-reducing effect. This can aid in higher levels of relaxation, and to help women to calm their minds and their bodies to receive pleasure.

For many women, especially those in heterosexual relationships, there is often pressure from themselves and their partner to orgasm. To reduce some of this pressure, CBD oil may help due to its relaxation properties.

In fact, CBD oil user, Allison Wallis, talks about her experience with this oil by saying:

 “CBD oil relaxes my muscles and allows for much more enjoyable sex”. She added, “I was surprised by how well it worked. It allowed me to focus on the intimacy of the act”

Another way in which CBD oil assists in relaxation is the fact that it can reduce inflammation, which could help those who experience pain and discomfort during sex. 

In other words, pain associated with conditions such as endometriosis, vaginismus, and pelvic pain, for example, could be eased with the help of CBD oil when it comes to enjoying pleasurable sex.

CBD Oil for More Sensations

“There are so many cannabinoid receptors in reproductive organs and sexual tissue. CBD increases blood flow to tissues, which increases sensitivity and promotes the body’s own natural lubricants,” says Alex Capano, a medical director focusing on medical cannabis and how it helps individuals.

During this time, you may experience blushing, a feeling of warmness, and more sensitivity in your clitoris. Because of this, your clitoris will become more erect, which makes it more susceptible to feel extra sensations. This, in turn, has the power to bring about more pleasure during solo or partnered play.

Fun fact: the clitoris, when aroused, becomes erect just like the penis does. You may not know this, but there is far more to the clitoris than one can see. In fact, it extends back into the body and is a wish-boned shape. So, when a clit-owner becomes aroused, the erectile tissue in the clitoris becomes engorged (just like a penis). This is a clitoral erection.

CBD Oil for Female Arousal

CBD oil helps females by enhancing arousal for even more enjoyable sexual experiences. How so? CBD oil has been said to assist in vasodilation (aka the expanding of the blood vessels). This, in other words, means that the blood starts to pump, moving throughout the body, including the genitals. 

Then, because CBD oil has the capacity to induce (better) sleep, it also opens up a channel in which to enjoy sex by making it easier to become and stay aroused.

It’s also a plus that CBD oil has been said to improve sexual performance (picture it: more relaxed, better rested, less anxiety, more arousal!).

With all of these wonderful benefits, including a more sensitive clitoris and increased blood flow, you can expect to have even better romps in between the sheets, either solo or with a partner.

CBD Oil for Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness can be a major obstacle when it comes to sex and experiencing sexual pleasure. It’s also a condition that many women (as many as 90 percent) feel embarrassed about, according to Harvard Health. 

And while this is a sad state of affairs, there is a solution. One that doesn’t necessarily need a visit to a specialist. That is, CBD oil. 

Fun fact: did you know that hemp and cannabis were used to treat gynaecological issues in the 7th century BCE? Back then, people would crush and mix hemp seeds into beer for patients to drink! 

Luckily today, all that hard work is not necessary. Today, women could merely use a lubricant or CBD oil for vaginal dryness. 

Getting back on topic: how does CBD oil help for vaginal dryness? This oil helps balance the endocannabinoid system of the body. Then, the endocannabinoid system regulates the endocrine system. 

In layman’s terms, if there is a hormone imbalance that causes vaginal dryness (such as low levels of oestrogen), CBD oil could help regulate those hormones in such a way that natural lubrication is possible.

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CBD Oil for Menopause

While we’ve just mentioned vaginal dryness, it’s important to mention it once again when it comes to menopause. That’s because vaginal dryness is a symptom that many women experience during menopause. 

In general though, is there a link between CBD oil and menopause? Yes, actually. But be aware that using CBD oil isn’t a cure for menopause—it could merely help you with your symptoms, aiding in a more comfortable (sex) life.

Having said that, we may be repeating ourselves by saying some of the many benefits of CBD oil, but we thought it important to talk about how these benefits will help those during menopause specifically. 

CBD oil could help during menopause by:

  • Helping those who find it difficult to sleep due to menopausal symptoms. A 2020 review found that, with CBD oil, sleep quality could be improved, one may experience less sleep disturbances, and there may be decreased delays in falling asleep.
  • Decreasing depression and anxiety associated with menopause.
  • Experiencing less pain, such as joint pain and menopause-related arthritis, that can be common during menopause due to a decrease in oestrogen.

Can You Use CBD Oil as Lube?

So, after mentioning all the amazing benefits of CBD oil, let’s answer the question: can you use CBD oil as lube? Technically yes, you can use CBD oil as lube. But there is a grey area. 

You see, there are several different kinds of CBD oils that have been made especially for sexual purposes. They should contain quality oil and body-safe ingredients. Using these may be a great addition to your sex life.

Our favourite intimacy sex oil with CBD is this one. It is an all-natural blend, body-safe, allergy-friendly, and is safe to use as lube, massage oil, and intimate care. It contains one percent of CBD which is just the perfect amount to stimulate blood flow and experience better sex and powerful orgasms.

On the other hand, If you opt to use non-sexual CBD oil as lube, you may experience some genital irritations. That’s because these types of CBD oil, such as those made for oral use, may contain additives and flavourings. This will most likely not make your genitals very happy.

What we’re saying, essentially, is that using CBD lube can be a safe option, but CBD oil made for non-sexual purposes may come with side effects and isn’t encouraged to use as lube.

For example, if CBD oil for non-sexual use is used as lube it could:

  • Degrade condoms that are made of latex and polyisoprene
  • Cause reactions such as irritation to those who are allergic to hemp
  • Cause a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis
  • Damage the material of rubber or jelly sex toys
  • Stain clothes and sheets
  • Impact vaginal balance by possibly changing the natural pH levels

Alternatively, if you choose to use a verified and trusted brand of CBD lube made for sexual pleasure, you have a high chance of benefiting from all of the wonderful things mentioned above, and more… 

If you choose to use CBD lube made especially for sexual arousal and pleasure, you could:

  • Enjoy all of the perks associated with any other kind of quality lubricant
  • Experience a moisturising effect, which is great for those with delicate skin
  • Use it with peace of mind as it will be free of irritating chemicals
  • Use it for sexual pleasure without feeling any kind of high or intoxication
  • Feel wetter than usual

Tip: if you’re looking for a CBD lube, we suggest a CBD water based lube! 

Water based lubes in general are a great option, as they usually pair well with most condoms and sex toys. Water based lube is also less sticky, less messy, leaves less stains, reduces friction, and is often more natural containing fewer chemicals.

CBD Oil drops
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Conclusion: CBD and Sex

So, to conclude our guide to CBD and sex, it’s simply a no-brainer: CBD oil has the power to transform your sex life… if used safely and correctly. 

At the same time, we should disclaim that we are not medical professionals. We are however in the niche of sexual pleasure and make sure to give you accurate information whilst offering sexual health products that are body-safe, enticing, and perfect for all kinds of sexual bliss. 

Why not start with our Pleasure Boost Oil and see how you like it? It may just be the start of something absolutely transcendent!

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