5 tips for improving oral sex

King among kings, oral sex is one of the must-haves in any sexual relationship. But how do you become a sure-fire oral-pleasure machine? Although there is no one way to ‘get it right’, the most pleasurable ways of doing it all have something in common. Know what it is?

5 tips for improving oral sex

Yeah, yeah. I know – nobody’s ever complained about your performance and you are a Greek god of oral sex or even Aphrodite herself, dispensing pleasure with your juicy lips. That’s all very admirable, BUT there is always room for improvement, don’t you reckon? Let’s get cracking:

Skirt around the edges

Genitalia is great but don’t head straight for the kill! There are dozens of erogenous zones all over the body which you can savour with your mouth before heading to the main course. In this way, not only are you going to be ‘slow cooking’ the experience, but you will also get to know your partner better, and that person may even learn something new about you too! Start with the neck, the chest, the nipples, the tummy, the inner thighs… trace the path to pleasure.

Soft Tongue

Approaching genitals with a hard tongue is not a good idea. Genitals are sensitive areas which must be stimulated gently and delicately. Unless someone asks you to crank it up a little, keep your tongue agile but soft, as if it were a lovely soft pillow of pleasure.

No, no, not teeth

At this stage it probably doesn’t need mentioning, but it is soooo dangerous that we are going to anyway: no teeth. If a firm tongue is unpleasant, imagine what teeth scraping against an area that sensitive would feel like. No way! If you are performing oral sex on a penis, make sure your lips lead the way, so that they will cover your teeth as you slide your mouth. If it’s a vulva you are performing oral sex on, go in first with your tongue and make use of your lips too so as to avoid any painful tooth-genital contact.

Juicy and delicious

The more slippery the better. If lubrication is important for penetration, so it is in oral sex. Generally speaking, saliva is enough, but you can also add water-based edible lubes into the mix, including those that come with flavours and effects. How do you fancy some cold-effect strips? Or something that makes you salivate more? Take a look below:


Our top tip: communicate. We’re all individuals and we don’t all like our oral sex served the same way. Our taste can even chop and change: one day you fancy a bit of this, another day a bit of that. Both in life in general and specifically to get the most out of sex, the key is to talk about what you like, what you want and what you would never, ever do (well at least not yet). Out with egos, in with open minds, and enjoy!


And you? What do you do to ensure your oral sex is legendary? Will you let us into your secrets? We are waiting, pencils at the ready, to read your response. 


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