Our best lubricants by formula: Uses, compatibilities and pleasure galore

Not all lubricants are the same and if you have ever wondered why people use some lubes and not others, why our choices differ amongst from the variety on offer and how to differentiate beyond the three main lubricant bases (silicone, water and oil) we’re going to spell it out for you: it’s the formulas. 

Just as no two lubricants are the same, neither are the recipes. This is most clear, as we mentioned above, in the three lubricant bases. Intimate gels can be water-based, silicone-based or oil-based and, naturally, you really need to be clear about what each is good for, as this not only has a bearing on our pleasure, but also on our health. 



The formula which most closely resembles natural lubrication is the water-based variety. It’s light, mild, easy to remove and doesn’t stain when it comes into contact with fabric. Water-based lubes are completely compatible with toys, vaginal and anal penetration (although for the latter silicone-based lube is recommended), oral sex and all types of condoms. We could be talking about the definitive multi-use lube if it weren’t for the fact that it’s no good for sex or masturbation underwater (it dissolves) and it needs to be reapplied in practices where there is no natural lubrication, like anal sex. 



As with all three of the lubricant bases, silicone-based gel has its advantages too. It is thicker to the touch than the water or oil-based gels, thereby reducing friction much more than other gels do. This is why it’s the fave when it comes to anal sex, where there is generally more friction, or in lengthy vaginal sex sessions which need more lubrication without having to reapply. It works well for underwater sex and masturbation and is compatible with condoms. Disadvantages? Using it with silicone toys is not recommended and it’s not suitable for oral sex.



Oil-based lubricant also provides a smooth gliding sensation which outlasts water-based lubricant. These gels are ideal for masturbating with hands or toys, unprotected penetrative sex and water play. Oil-based lubes can also be used for erotic massage and are kissable, unless otherwise indicated. However, oil-based lubricants are neither suitable for use with latex condoms nor recommended for latex-based toys, polyisoprene diaphragms or condoms.

The rest of the formula

As you can see, we can split lubricants and erotic gels into three main categories. However, not all differences are related to the base, as one single base can provide dozens of possible combinations. 

The formula of each gel will have an effect on its quality: on its texture, how it behaves when in contact with the air, with skin, heat and friction; and also on what it does or doesn’t leave behind on your skin. 


Top-of-the-range erotic cosmetic

At Bijoux Indiscrets, product quality is one of our priorities, and therefore all our gels, lubricants and balms go through an extensive production and quality-control process. Our erotic cosmetics are dermatologically tested, and priority is given to naturally-sources ingredients, such as minerals or plants. Ah, and they are, of course, vegan! 


Star ingredients

Aloe Vera gel has a pH which is very close to that of the skin (4.5), it is an excellent moisturiser and prevents skin aging. Various studies have also demonstrated its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. 
You can find this star ingredient in: ANAL PLAY · SLOW SEX | FINGER PLAY · SLOW SEX
Arginine is one of those essential amino acids which our body cannot do without, especially for protein synthesis. It is a skin care agent, keeping your skin in good condition.
You can find this star ingredient in: ANAL PLAY · SLOW SEX
Matricaria, also known as chamomile or mayweed, is a medicinal plant from the Asteraceae family. Its flowers look like daisies, with a yellow heart and white petals, and it has anti-inflammatory and curative properties. In cosmetics, it is valued for its calming effect on the skin and its antiseptic qualities. 
You can find this star ingredient in: ANAL PLAY · SLOW SEX
Coconut oil is extracted from coconut pulp. A source of fatty acids, it contains lauric acid, capric acid, myristic acid and palmitic acid. It is absorbed quickly into the skin, leaving a silky feeling without any greasy effect.
You can find this star ingredient in: SHIMMER DRY OIL · SLOW SEX
In cosmetics, it is often extracted from soya. It is particularly well-suited to our skin for promoting hydration and elasticity. It is certified organic. 
You can find this star ingredient in: ORAL SEX STRIPS · SLOW SEX
Propanediol (1,3-propanodiol) is a natural humectant. It has excellent sensory characteristics and it ecologically sustainable. It can be made from the fermentation of corn sugar or synthetically.

You can find this star ingredient in: FULL BODY MASSAGE · SLOW SEX | NIPPLE PLAY GEL · SLOW SEX



Tocopherol represents the different components of Vitamin E. It is used in cosmetics because of its antioxidant properties. 

You can find this star ingredient in: SHIMMER DRY OIL · SLOW SEX | CLITORAL BALM · SLOW SEX

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