September, back to the routine… the sexual routine

September is here and back to the grindstone we go. Farewell to chilled days and hello, in some cases, to post-holiday blues. Nothing that can’t be fixed with a few simple guidelines for getting back into the swing of your day-to-day and good sex despite the return to the routine. Let’s go!

Hello, September

Alarms, work, commitments, unpacking, posting photos, meeting up with people… September is one big check-list, a month of change, of getting back into the ring and catching up with everything which, all too often, becomes overwhelming and causes unnecessary stress. Don’t try to do it all in the first week! Deal with everything as it comes, including reconnecting with your partner sexually.

Sexual relations experience an upsurge during the summer in general, and definitely when we’re on holiday. A more relaxed timetable, more free time and leisure time, boosted self-esteem due to our getting some sun, a bit of a tan and wearing summer fashions, increased energy and better social interactions all contribute to having a higher sex drive. In summer months, the tendency is to rediscover and experiment with our partner (or partners), it’s a kind of sexual oasis which is difficult to maintain in our structured routine, where work and duty rule and many other things jostle for attention, such as keeping up a good exercise routine, getting enough sleep or socialising beyond our relationship.

But how do we keep our sexual desire alive beyond September? Let’s have a think:

A question of priorities

In order to have time for what you like best, you have to identify what it is that constitutes all those desires you want to invest time in. At the end of the day, it’s all a question of prioritising.

Spending more time with your partner? Having more time for hobbies? Taking more care of yourself physically? Meditating? Learning? There is time for everything you desire if you know how to organise yourself and, of course, keeping stress and haste at arm’s length will be a real advantage for keeping your sex drive where you want it. But how do you find a way to make a space for everything you want? The answer is simple: Honesty. Cancel or postpone everything that doesn’t really make you happy, learn to say no and leave yourself with only what you really value. The endless to-do lists of modern life really shrink when we start to listen to ourselves. Afterwards there will be much more space for the things in life that really matter to you. 

Loving and nurturing, it’s all about starting over

Routine disconnects us not only from ourselves but also from our partners. Obligations, worries and a lack of excitement or novelty can suck us into a lethargy of an almost automaton. So, be careful! We must not lose sight of our real desires or, indeed, those of our partner. 

Taking each other for granted is one of the most frequent mistakes made, be it with a sentimental or sexual partner. Partners and relationships deserve continuous nurturing and, although it is much simpler to not fall into a routine in summer, there are little gestures you can use to spice up a relationship: Quality time with your partner, frequent physical contact (kisses, caresses, hugs), respecting the other persons time, sharing a hobby, suggesting impromptu plans… Suggesting a new sexual act!

Back-to-the-routine sex life

Nothing like a bit of practice for getting back into the rhythm of things. We might not match holiday levels, but we’ll beat last September’s record! And if not, no worries. The worst thing you can do in your sex life is make comparisons and put pressure on yourself. And the best thing you can do? HAVE FUN!!

Among the small gestures you can make to keep your relationship from sinking into monotony, pay particular attention to those which require physical contact. Want to surprise your partner? Perhaps a massage from time to time instead of the sofa-telly routine; maybe a night in a romantic hotel will snap you out of the routine better than any material gift that you can give them; or an erotic accessory like a fabulous lube or a sex toy might be more on the button than an evening at the cinema. Put your thinking cap on! It’s in your hands.

Yes. September reminds is that we have a pile of things to do, but it can also transform into a new start full of excitement and enthusiasm. How do you deal with getting back into your routine? Tell us about it in the comments.

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