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Try a Sexy Lingerie Accessory for Extra Spice

Many women have a collection of sexy naughty lingerie to set the mood and turn up the heat for an extra-special pleasure session, but sensual lingerie accessories may be new to you.

Delicate body chains, lace-inspired masks, and nipple accessories are an exciting way to take your lingerie to the next level by drawing the eye to where you want a little extra focus and adding a hint of bondage kink.

Let your lingerie accessory peek out over dinner to give your partner a hint of things to come or wait for the reveal once you hit the sheets. Either way, these fun, flattering accessories will jump-start your erotic play.

How to Style Body Chains

One of the most popular types of sexy accessories are body chains, which are designed to be worn over your lingerie, directly next to the skin, or even as suggestive jewelry on a date or girls’ night out. These bondage-inspired chains drape over and around your curves to highlight your hotspots and hint at seductive roleplay. Sexy body chain styles include:

  • Collar choker - A metallic mesh choker is a fun way to enhance your soft bondage pleasure. You can wear it as jewelry during date night with your partner for a private wink at kink or put it on as a hot lingerie accessory in the bedroom. You can find collar chokers in many styles, including draping chains that skirt the breasts and waist for a super-sexy silhouette.
  • Handcuff bracelets - Like a collar choker, handcuff bracelets look like straightforward jewelry to outsiders, but your partner will understand the hidden message. When you add the delicate chain that links the two bracelets together, you have a set of handcuffs to make you a prisoner of pleasure. Pair with a matching collar to boost the exciting bondage vibe.
  • Whip necklace - If your choker and bracelets aren’t enough, a necklace that doubles as a gentle chain whip will really turn up the erotic tension over dinner. Like other subtle lingerie restraints, this necklace can be worn around town without ever revealing its secret. But once you’re back in the bedroom, let the fun begin!
  • Body chains - These draping chains glide over your skin, making you feel your sexiest and adding an extra seductive touch to your naughty sexy lingerie. Choose a style that focuses attention on where you want it to go, from your cleavage to your derriere to your feet.
  • Lingerie Masks Style Inspiration

    Your eyes may be the window to your soul, but sometimes, covering them opens up the door to your pleasure. Nothing says naughty like a mask, but how much peek-a-boo effect you want depends on what turns you (and your partner) on.

  • Full-coverage mask - Mystery can be extremely arousing, so if you want to surrender and let your partner take the lead, a full-coverage mask is the ticket to your pleasure paradise. Once your eyes are covered, your other senses become hyper-alert. As a result, massage or stimulation can be incredibly sensual while blindfolded.
  • Lace mask - Keep a fantastical sense of suspense while still being able to look deep into your partner’s eyes with a lace-inspired vinyl mask. This glamorous lingerie accessory is strapless and flexible to mold to your face. Cut in lacy floral, butterfly, or other designs, lace masks are perfect for a special night of roleplay or soft bondage games.
  • Fishnet mask - For just a hint of kink, a vinyl fishnet-style mask lets you play out your erotic fantasy without sacrificing the visuals. Like lacy vinyl masks, these fishnet designs are strapless and flexible. However, their open-work cut leaves your sight unhindered to keep you fully present in your pleasure.
  • Everything You Need to Know About Body Jewelry

    One of the keys to female sexual satisfaction is positive body image. Body jewelry is a fun and playful way to celebrate your unique shape and feel extra confident and sensual. And, you have many ways to play; wear body jewelry as a lingerie accessory or on its own. Designed to affix directly on your skin, body jewelry brings bling to your bedroom with sparkling crystal designs that highlight your breasts and other erogenous zones. Nipple ornaments and other body jewelry are set on a self-adhesive silicone base, so they are easy to apply. Rather than covering up your nipples, make them the star of the show with body jewelry that says you’re ready for some fun.

    Which Pasties are Right for You?

    Body jewelry celebrates your breasts by leaving them bare, while pasties turn up the erotic heat with their Burlesque nipple-lingerie vibe. Lingerie nipple accessories have been turning heads since the era of pin-up girls, and they now come in several styles. For va-va-voom showgirl pizzazz, sequined or tasseled pasties are the perfect accessory for a private striptease or slow dance. If you’re looking for timeless sexy lingerie nipples without the Burlesque sparkle, simple shapes from hearts and stars to suggestive Xs perform peek-a-boo magic.

    Why Bijoux Indiscrets

    With a wide range of lingerie accessory options to choose from, Bijoux Indiscrets can help you unleash your seductive side and take your sexual satisfaction to new heights. Our playful, empowering products are designed by women for women to boost both your and your partner’s pleasure. Contact us for information about how to use our body chains, jewelry, and masks to enhance your erotic fantasies, or order online from our exclusive collection of clit vibrators and other sex toys.

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