MAZE · Suspender Belt , 6 · Bijoux IndiscretsMAZE · Suspender Belt Light brown, 5 · Bijoux Indiscrets
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MAZE · Suspender Belt

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MAZE · I Harness · Bijoux IndiscretsMAZE · I Harness · Bijoux Indiscrets
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MAZE · I Harness

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MAZE · 8 Harness Black, 1 · Bijoux IndiscretsMAZE · 8 Harness · Bijoux Indiscrets
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MAZE · 8 Harness

$35.00 $45.00
MAZE · Wide Choker and Leash · Bijoux IndiscretsMAZE · Wide Choker and Leash · Bijoux Indiscrets
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MAZE · T-Restraints , 2 · Bijoux IndiscretsMAZE · T-Restraints , 1 · Bijoux Indiscrets
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MAZE · T-Restraints

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MAZE · Cross Chest Harness · Bijoux IndiscretsMAZE · Cross Chest Harness · Bijoux Indiscrets
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MAZE · Lingerie belt · Bijoux IndiscretsMAZE · Lingerie belt · Bijoux Indiscrets
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MAZE · Lingerie belt

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A-MAZE-ing bondage inspired accessories

Power and essence

Maze is a tribute to the female body. An intersection between desire and seduction, transformed into a dynamic, sensual and rebellious collection. And in amongst its straps and leashes? Your body: seductive, empowered and free. Maze is a revelation. Maze is return to your wildest, most primal essence. Maze is ferocity. Maze is the perfect labyrinth to find yourself in.

Power of creation

Bijoux Indiscrets is a brand by women for women. Since 2006, it has sought to empower women with its accessories and pleasure gels. Maze was born out of a desire to rewrite the BDSM stereotype, changing it from something seen only behind closed doors into fierce accessories worn by strong and daring women.

Designed in Barcelona by Elsa Viegas, the brand’s cofounder and lead designer, Maze takes straps and leashes to a whole other level. In its essence, it takes inspiration from classic bondage—an erotic practice that involves tying, binding or restraining a sexual partner—but it has evolved to take the fashion world by storm, overflowing with options and versatility. Dazzling with bare skin, lingerie and even over clothes, Maze is a bridge between the private and the public, adapting to you, your body, curves and attitude.

The power of the collection

Maze is dynamic and multipurpose. 25 pieces that can be worn in any way you like. On bare skin, over lingerie or paired with a killer outfit.

Vegan power

There is nothing sexier than going wild. And what’s wilder than you? Here at Bijoux Indiscrets we value skin — yours, that is. None of our designs are tested on animals or manufactured with animal products; Maze is no exception. The collection is made from recycled ♻ ️ and microperforated polyurethane, so it breathes and has the characteristic feel of classic leather straps. The entire collection has been certified as PETA-approved vegan. 100% wild, 0% animal.

Power and earth

Maze camel is Bijoux Indiscrets’ nod to bondage inspiration at any time of year. Festivals, Summer Time and the hottest Boho Chic. “Casual” and “daring” are two words to describe Maze camel, which was inspired by the Mohave Desert for the most authentic adventures. Sweet home Alabama!

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